• A gay man hit on Oga Obinna in his DM in a move that shook the entertainer

• Obinna told off the man and other gay men and held he is not a member of the LGBTQ community

• He insisted that their advances will never work as he has never been gay and will never be one

Former Kiss 100 radio presenter Oga Obinna has exposed a gay man who had tried to woo him in his DM.

The father of four called out the man identified as Tim and made it clear to him that he does not play for the “other team”.

Tim, who slid in Obinna’s DM made his intention clear holding that he is madly in love with the comedian and would love to have a thing with him.

Oga Obinna asked gay men to keep off his Instagram DM. Photo: Tuko.

“Hey Oga. I am Tim and I like you. What do you think,” the secret admirer shot.

Not only did Obinna tell off the guy but also other members of the LGBTQ community who have been busy trying to ask him for romantic relationships.

Obinna vehemently stated that he is not gay and can never be one.

He wrapped up by asking his male secret admirers to keep off his DM as they will not manage to convince him.

Oga Obinna exposed gay man who wanted a relationship with him. Photo: Oga Obinna/Instagram.

“Timothy hapa ni wrong target. Forward ever backward never. Exit only, no entry. I am lesbian yawa! Staki. Mnikome jamani. This post is for Tim and his team. Tokeni DM because haiwezi!! Not now, not ever. I respect your preference and choice, kindly respect mine.” Obinna responded.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Obinna is being ‘chased’ by gay men.

He has previously disclosed how countless men have been in his DM trying to woo him.

Oga Obinna has at no point shown hints that he is in the LGBTQ community but that has never stopped gay men from wanting him.

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