• Oga Obinna petitioned the police to arrest Nameless over his hate for avocados

• Nameless had earlier disclosed he does not like avocados during an interview with Obinna on his show

Former Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna has called for the arrest of legendary Kenyan musician David Mathenge, alias Nameless over his hate for avocados.

Oga Obinna, through his social media platforms jokingly asked police to arrest the Nasinzia hitmaker for hating avocados.

Oga Obinna jokingly called police on Nameless for hating avocados. Photo: UGC.

According to Oga Obinna, no Kenyan is allowed to hate avocado which is somewhat the country’s staple fruit.

“Petition: ARREST NAMELESS KENYA. Offense – Hapendi Avocado and puts ketchup on everything. Eeeeeuuuuuuwwwww,” Obinna wrote on Instagram.

Although it was a Nameless and Obinna’s inside joke, fellow celebrities and Kenyans on social media backed the latter, holding the former is guilty as charged.

Many insisted that no Kenyan hates avocado since it goes with nearly everything including Sukuma wiki and Githeri which are the favourites of many Kenyans.

It should be noted that Nameless made the revelation during an interview with Oga Obinna on his show Kula Cooler Show.

During the interview, Nameless revealed that he does not like avocados.

Kula Cooler show is an entertainment show where Oga Obinna hosts local celebrities and share a meal with them as they chat over a number of issues.

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