• Oga Obinna said Andrew Kibe should face him in a ring if he is indeed a real man

• The former Kiss 100 presenter noted that the date for their fight will be announced once Kind accepts his challenge

Former Kiss 100 radio presenter Oga Obinna has decided to put an end to his long time rivalry with Mr Lambistic, otherwise known as Andrew.

Oga Obinna who has not been seeing Andrew Kibe eye to eye has challenged the content creator for a fist fight so that they can square out their differences and accord each other the much-needed respect they deserve.

Oga Obinna dared Andrew Kibe to a fist fight. Photo: Tuko.

The comedian, through his Instagram account posted a poster of a boxing match between Kibe and himself and dared the former to accept the fist fight challenge if he is indeed a real man.

According to Oga Obinna, fighting each other as real men is the only way to squash the beef.

Oga Obinna claimed that real men fight and don’t bicker around.

The poster shared by Oga Obinna indicated that he is ready to hit the ring against Kibe, should he accept his challenge.

Obinna noted that the date for the mother of all bouts will be announced when Andrew Kibe accepts the challenge.


The comedian’s daring request excited a multitude of his fans who rallied behind him, holding that it was about time someone teaches Andrew Kind a valuable lesson.

It should be noted Oga Obinna and Andrew Kibe have been beefing for some time now.

Andrew Kibe and Oga Obinna have been beefing for some time now. Photo: UGC.

Kibe, in his usual demeanor has been lashing out his whips on Oga Obinna during countless of his YouTube shows.

Obinna on the other hand, has always rubished Kibe and his attacks and at times even going ham on him with unprintable insults.

Andrew Kibe had not yet responded to Oga Obinna’s request, rather challenge for a fist fight as at the time of publishing this report.

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