• Nonini hinted that he does not see himself coming back to Kenya if the country’s economy will keep plunging

• The rapper noted the exchange rate for the Kenyan Shilling against the Dollar scares him

The Genge Godfather Hubert Mbuku Nakitare alias Nonini has just proven to fellow countrymen that he is indeed living and enjoying his American dream.

Nonini, who is currently residing in the US seems to be having a moment of his life in the US and he’s not thinking of coming back to his home county, Kenya.

This, he hinted recently while engaging one of his social media followers on Facebook.

Nonini said he is not thinking of moving back to Kenya due to tough economy in the country. Photo: Nonini Mgenge 2Ru/Facebook.

A random fan took to the comments section of Nonini’s post made on Monday, October 23, to “beg” him to return to Kenya since his fans miss him dearly.

“Rudi home, tunakukosa Mkuu,” the fan posed.

In a quick rejoinder and without mincing his words, the Keroro hitmaker hinted he’s not thinking of returning to Kenya, especially with the rate at which the Kenyan shilling is growing weaker against the Dollar by the day.

According to Nonini, his return to Kenya is not guaranteed considering the fact that the country’s economy has been dwindling at a supersonic speed.

Nonini’s fans requested him to return to Kenya because they miss him. Photo: Nonini Mgenge 2Ru/Facebook.

“Wueh, na hio exchange rate ya Dollar to Kenya. Shillings, Wuuuueh! Itakuwa tricky kiasi,” Nonini responded.

It should be noted the Kenyan Shilling was exchanging at KSh 150 against the Dollar at the time of Nonini was ruling out the possibility of his return to Kenya.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many people who have been following him closely on social media ever since his exit from Kenya.

YEIYO.com understands Nonini moved to the US in May 5, 2021, and has been doing exemplary well for himself.

Not only has Nonini been making a killing with the sale of his Mgenge 2ru merchandise and other engagements such as shows and endorsement deals.

A couple of months ago, Nonini admitted that life in the US has been good for him.

Nonini has been in the US for two years now. Photo: Nonini Mgenge 2Ru/Facebook.

The rapper reiterated that his decision to relocate to the land of milk and honey was one of the best things he has ever done in and for his life.

Nonini who has been in the US for over two years now disclosed that he does not regret making the move even a bit.

“May 5th 2032 just before COVID ended, pale JKIA made the move! Two years and I have never regretted. Probably one of the best moves I have ever made in my life! Don’t be afraid to adjust and change accordingly.” Nonini wrote on social media.

Clearly, Nonini has been having a blast and all the success in US.

It should be noted that the rapper launched a footwear line under his Mgenge 2RU brand which was designed and produced by top Italian designer Alive Shoes barely four months after landing in the US.

Nonini pumped about KSh 2 million into the investment which has been paying off quite well, making him a substantial amount of revenue.

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