• Judging by Nonini and Juacali’s recent Twitter engagement, it is clear their long-awaited collabo could be in the offing

• The two have been in celebratory moods following news that Genge had been included in the 2024 Grammy Awards

• The two last worked together in 2006 when they released Vile Tafanya, featuring CMB Prezzo

Genge music lovers are in for a rare but sweet treat if only words by legendary rappers Nonini and Juacali are anything to go by.

The two revered Kenyan artistes recently dropped hints that a collabo could be in the offing soon after Genge finally received its worldwide recognition.

Nonini and Juacali gave their fans and Kenyans in general more reasons to love Genge after finally engaging online and somehow shut down claims that they have been beefing.

Nonini and Juacali are top most Kenyan artistes who have been pushing and fighting for Genge’s success. Photo: Courtesy.

Their friendly online exchange was inspired by the fact that Genge had finally been included in one of the Grammys 2024’s category, to battle it out with other genres from Africa and other regions in the world.

Following the good news, Nonini and his counterpart Juacali took to social media to celebrate on end as they reminded the world that Genge is here to stay.

The “BFF moment” was initiated by Nonini who shared a photo of himself playing a piano.

On his caption, the father of one disclosed that the inclusion of Genge into Grammys was just but the begining.

“Mgenge 2tru. Own lane. Own race. Own pace.” Nonini captioned.

Nonini and Juacali recently confirmed to Kenyans that they have not been beefing as earlier alleged. Photo: Nonini/Twitter.

Reacting on Nonini’s tweet, Juacali encouraged his Genge brother to soldier on and went as far as hinting he is ready to cooperate with the Kadhaa hitmaker in pushing the Genge music genre even further.

Juacali retweeted Nonini’s tweet, followed by the caption:

“Twende kazi”

His reaction left Kenyan music lovers with beliefs and hope that the two could soon hit the studio together to churn out a Genge masterpiece.

Juacali showed interest in working with his music brother Nonini. Photo: Juacali/Twitter.

The friendly engagement between the two Genge legends came quite as a surprise to many who have always believed they don’t see each other eye to eye.

For many years now, the Kenyan audience has always believed that Juacali and Nonini have been beefing, since there has never been a collabo from them for the 18 years.

The last time the two artistes worked together was in 2006 when they release Vile Tafanya featuring CMB Prezzo.

After the collabo, both parties seem to have focused on different goals, something that drifted them apart, somehow.

Neither Nonini nor Juacali has publicly confirmed that they have been beefing.

Both, in seperate interviews insisted their interests just changed and each had to follow their paths.

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