• A random Kenyan music fan wanted to know why top artistes have been moving to the US in droves

• US-based Kenyan rapper Nonini disclosed many relocate to the US so they can do music tours in different countries effortlessly and without restrictions unlike doing the sane from Kenya

Many Kenyan celebrities have in the recent past been ditching Kenya for other countries abroad, specifically the USA.

The exit left many fans thinking the stars have been moving to the US where they can do other works and music and the same time.

However, the aforementioned was dispelled recently as US-based Kenyan rapper Nonini took his time to explain to a random fan the reason behind the mass exit.

Nonini said artiste can do music tours in different countries easily while in US. Photo: Nonini Mgenge 2tru/Instagram.

The whole discussion was sparked by a tweet who goes by Kelvin Mwendwa who wanted to know why most Kenyan artistes have been flocking the US lately.

Through a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Mwendwa listed a number of Kenyan big time artistes who have recently moved to the US as he wondered whether the celebrities have been moving because of the sad state of the music industry in Kenya or just to seek other opportunities.

“By the way, I have noticed a trend where musicians are relocating to the US. Artistes such as Benachi, Nonini, Calvo Mistari and Kristoff – All big names whom I would have thought were making good money. Is the music business that bad over here?” Kelvin Mwendwa wondered.

In a quick rejoinder, Nonini disclosed that the relocation to the US by many Kenyan celebrities is a strategic move to progress their music careers and make bank while at it.

According to Nonini, most Kenyan artistes have been moving to the US because they can easily tour different countries abroad without the need of Visas and other things.

This, he noted is totally different with Kenya where artistes have to go through a lot of challenges to roll out their music tours in different countries abroad.

With many music tours comes a lot of money, which they can easily rake in while in the US and not in Kenya.

“It is a strategic move. Now I can tour in different countries without having the need for Visa etc. If you know what I mean,” Nonini disclosed.

Kristoff is among the many Kenyan celebrities who relocated to the US. Photo: Kristoff MWB/Facebook.

While Nonini may be right, YEIYO.com uncovered yet another reason why many Kenyan celebrities have been rushing to the US.

A source intimate to this writer disclosed through an exclusive interview that most artistes move to the US so that they can enjoy the many job opportunities available there.

The source who sought anonymity revealed that most Kenyan celebrities engage in different jobs such as truck driving while in the US to make more money, aside from their music.

According to the source, many have been juggling the aforementioned quite well, something that has given them the strength to remain in the US.

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