Nonini Fairly And Squarely Cuts Critic To Size In Heated Online Spat


• The hater attacked Nonini by claiming his prime time in the music industry ended long time ago

• He insisted that Nonini should focus on washing old white women in the US

• Nonini went ham on the critic by telling the critic off in the best way possible

Genge Godfather Nonini has just proven to the world that he is intolerant to some inconsiderate critics and their hurtful comments.

The rapper recently decided to square it out with a random hater who tried to dim his light on social media.

The whole melee was started by the fan identified as Mkenya Mkenya who took to the comments section of one of Nonini’s post to pick an issue with him.

Nonini did not pity the hater as he went ham on him. Photo: Nairobi News

The critic, without shame called out Nonini on the comments section holding that his prime time in music ended long time ago.

“Time yako in music industry ended long time ago,” the hater shot.

In a quick rejoinder, Nonini hit back by informing the critic that his opinion does not change a think in his life or music career.

“Hahaha, halafu unafikiria hio inani affect aje. Your comment tells a lot about yourself. Tafuta Watu watakusaidia bradhe.” Nonini responded.

Nonini and the critic threw jabs at each other on Facebook. Photo: Nonini/Facebook.

Sensing defeat, the hater chose to hit Nonini under the belt but he was not pleased with response from the Furahiday hitmaker.

“Unaosha wamama USA, na kuscam watu. Your time in music industry ended.” Mkenya Mkenya commented.

Clearly, the exchange bored Nonini who decided to cut the critic to size in the best way possible.

Through his feedback, Nonini went ham and even dragged the hater’s mother into the whole debacle.

Kenyans online lauded Nonini for cutting the critic to size. Photo: Nonini/Instagram.

“Lakini pesa tamu so unataka aje, nioshe mama yako? Mlete but uta afford kweli?” Nonini clapped back.

The rapper’s last response played the last nail on the hater’s coffin.

Many netizens could not help but give Nonini points for leveling the hater.

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