• A section of Coast celebrities have called out of the Pwani Golden Awards over high level of unprofessionalism

• Some nominees for the awards withdrew their contest holding that organisers have been receiving bribes to favour their friends

• Entertainment enthusiasts joined the aggrieved PGA nominees in calling for transparency

A section of nominees for the annual Pwani Golden Awards have aired their grievances following suspected cases of massive bribery and other irregularities in the whole process and event.

The nominees, led by content creator Magwaya Ndani recently came out to accuse organisers of the Pwani Golden Awards of taking bribes from other nominees who either want to be nominated or win the awards all together.

A section of Coast Celebrities call out organisers of the Pwani Golden Awards for exhibiting high level of irregularities. Photo: Pwani Golden Awards/Facebook.

According to a number of Coast-based creatives nominated for the awards, the whole process is marred with irregularities and unending controversies.

Speaking during a presser with Pwani online media entities, the aggrieved nominees noted that the organisers of the PGA should be fair to everyone nominated for the awards and pull up their socks as far as the whole nomination, voting and awarding is concerned.

Most nominees who called out the organisers of the PGA reiterated that they have been handled like second-class citizens, with issues such as being demanded to pay for tickets to the awards gala.

Content creator Magwaya Ndani confirmed he had withdrawn his contest in the PGA. Photo: Magwaya Ndani/Facebook.

Many who called out the PGA organisers appreciated the fact that the team needs to be celebrated for honouring creatives but insisted a lot needs to be done prior to the gala night.

YEIYO.com has learnt a number of nominees including Magwaya Ndani withdrew themselves from the awards after learning of the many irregularities, bribery and unprofessionalism exhibited by the PGA organisers.

“A lot has been happening. A lot of irregularities. I hear some people have been bribing organisers to be included in the awards even after the nomination process was officially closed. Personally, I withdrew myself because I feel they are taking us for a ride.” Magwaya Ndani told online media journalists.

The complaints by the section of PGA nominees were echoed by many Kenyans who held awards in Kenyans have over the years been run shabbily.

Thousands of netizens sent out demands to awards organisers to always remain professional in their dealing if they are indeed in need of being credible and trustworthy.

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