Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu demands KQ to stock different beer brands in their planes


• Karen Nyamu said she was forced to drink Tusker because her favourite beer brand Summit Larger was not served during the flight

• The politician insisted that KQ should support other local beer producers such as Keroche Breweries

• Karen’s demand sparked heated debates online with many netizens urging her to respect her honourable status

Controversial nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has tickled Kenyans on social media with her ‘humbly’ request to national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ).

Karen Nyamu who was on a flight to an unknown destination, posted a photo of herself enjoying a canned Tusker beer aboard a KQ flight and aired out her feedback about the company’s services.

In a short and corny Facebook post seen by, Karen Nyamu advised KQ to serve a variety of Kenyan beers so that passengers can have options.

Karen Nyamu said KQ should serve a variety of local beer brands during flights and not just Tusker. Photo: Karen Nyamu/Facebook.

According to the vocal politician, KQ left her and a number of other Kenyans with no other option but to enjoy the only beers served on the flight, Tusker.

Karen Nyamu disclosed that she prefers her favourite beer, Summit Lager but had to take Tusker because it was the only local beer served during the flight.

“I am forced to take a Tusker because Kenya Airways does not offer Summit Lager by Keroche industries which is my beer of choice,” Karen Nyamu wrote in part.

Karen Nyamu drinking Tusker onboard a KQ plane. Photo: Karen Nyamu/Instagram.

She demanded KQ to serve variety of local beers to give their own people a chance to survive in business.

“I demand that our national carrier Kenya airways supports our own by ensuring we have the full selection of local beer na si tafathali,” Karen added.

The Senator’s feedback to KQ divided her social media fans and followers who took different sides even as they tried to play moral police.

Karen Nyamu with her supporters during a football match in Nairobi a couple of years ago. Photo: SDE.

Her supporters lauded her for boldly calling out KQ on their deficiency with quite a number supporting the beer brands the politician likes.

Karen Nyamu’s critics, however, faulted her for misleading young people, especially girls who look up to her as their role model and mentor.

The legion of ‘haters’ noted that Karen’s decision to post photos of herself indulging in alcohol was misguided andr her character failed short of her honorable status.

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