Nigerians turn against Davido over his new signee’s music video depicting Islam in bad light


• Many people loved Logos Olori’s new song but the music video irked a section of Muslims in Nigeria and world over

• According to Davido’s critics, his new signee’s music video demeaned Islam

• A multitude of Davido’s Muslim fans demanded him to delete the video and offer a public apology failure to which they will unfollow him

A section of Nigerians have raised hell with Davido after sharing his new signee Logos Olori’s new song Jaye Lo while introducing him to music lovers and the whole world as a whole.

The whole conundrum was sparked by Logos Olori’s video which thousands of Muslims in Nigeria and world over found offensive and demeaning to their religion, Islam.

Everyone loved the song since Logos Olori’s who is reportedly a Muslim used it as a medium to thank Allah(God) for his blessings and incessant flow of money as the icing on the cake.

Logos Olori’s new music video angered a section of his boss Davido’s Muslim fans. Photo: Logos Olori/Instagram.

The Unexpected Backlash

What irked many Nigerian Muslims was the Jale Yo video which they claim painted Islam in bad light.

A big portion of the music video shows Logos Olori seated on top of a building propped to resemble a mosque as a number of casts, all dressed in Kanzus reenact a prayer session.

They later break into vibrant dances after observing their salat (prayers), a move that attracted heavy criticism from a section of Logos And Davido’s fans, especially Muslims.

Critics who vehemently condemned Davido and his new signee dragged them on social media holding that they demeaned Islam.

A multitude demanded Davido to pull down the video from his social media pages and YouTube and duly offer a public apology to his Muslim fans and others across the world.

Davido’s “attackers” threatened to unfollow him and delete his music from their gadgets should he fail to do the aforementioned.

While many Nigerians turned against Davido, quite a good number of others defended him holding that Logos Olori’s music video did not in any way potray Islam negatively.

A host of Davido’s defenders noted that the Jale Yo video casts were not in a real mosque and the dance that irked them was just that; a dance.

Davido Donates KSh 42 Million To Orphanages

The attack on Davido comes barely days after he donated KSh 42 million to various orphanages across Nigeria.

As earlier reported by, Davido, through his foundation David Adeleke Foundation(DAF) recently gave out a whopping KSh 42 million to help in taking care of children in various orphanages in his country.

Sharing the good news with the world, Davido through a social media post disclosed the donation was made possible by himself and other well-wishers who joined him in the drive.

Davido during a past charity drive. Photo: Bella Naija.

The musician thanked everyone who contributed as he revealed how much attached he is with philanthropy and charity work.

According to Davido, his philanthropy is a practice he adopted a couple of years ago and he has never regretted even a bit.

The star added that the reason for this donation which first happened on his birthday a few years ago, was because he has always looked for a way to use his platform to provide help and support for other people who need it.

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