Nicolas Mutuku: Man Arrested For Pretending To Be A Woman, Scamming Diani Residents


• The man, Nicolas Mutuku is a member of the LGBTQ community

• He has been operating in Diani where he has been surviving by pretending to be a woman

• Mutuku wears makeup and fake bums and wraps it all with buibuis

Police in Kwale are holding a young man identified as Nicolas Mutuku who has been parading himself as a voluptuous woman and conning unsuspecting men while at it.

According to reports from Kwale County, Nicolas Mutuku who goes by the alias Angel Khaim was arrested after several people reported about his suspicious moves.

Mombasa-based radio station, Pwani FM earlier reported that Nicolas Mutuku has been duping men that he is a woman by applying makeup, faking a curvaceous figure and wearing buibuis to cover up. has learnt Mutuku moved from Makueni to Diani where he has been engaging in homosexual acts with men who knew about her gender and others who had no idea.

Police reports disclosed that Mutuku is a Makueni but had travelled to Diani to access clients.

It is reported that the young man dropped out from school at class seven and has been conducting his homosexuality business in different counties with Kwale being his latest home.

Mutuku’s photos were posted online by security officers who arrested him.

Many Kenyans could not help but notice how clever he had become by changing himself into a woman effortlessly.

From his complexion, to his fake figure, one could easily mistake him for a well endowed woman, Swahili woman for that matter.

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