• Octopizzo dropped his new song Sijawahu recently and raked massive numbers on YouTube

• Netizens could not believe the artiste genuinely garnered the numbers

• Many insisted the rapper clearly bought the YouTube views

Kenya’s fierce rapper Octopizzo dropped his new jam Sijawahi on Wednesday, May 24.

In less than 24 hours, his new music video had garnered an impressive one million views on YouTube.

This feat endeared him to his fans and other Kenyans who could not help but congratulate him for the good work.

Octopizzo new song hit 1 million views in less than 36 hours. Photo: Octopizzo/Twitter.

However, a cross section of netizens had alternative views with quite a number questioning the legitimacy of his YouTube views.

A multitude called him out for buying YouTube views.

According to most of the people who found Octopizzo’s numbers off, algorithm of his music video do not add up.

Many insisted that Octopizzo should have enjoyed thousands of comments and likes on his video if only the views were legit.


But instead, the comments section of his video on YouTube only had a few sentiments from viewers, something that left music lovers with more questions than answers.

Netizens believe Octopizzo bought YouTube views. Photo: Octopizzo/YouTube.

It should be noted even the top artistes like Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski usually struggle to hit the same numbers in a short span of time.

Therefore, most Kenyans wondered how Octopizzo managed to rake in the numbers in a short time, considering the fact that he has been quite silent for a while now.

Yeiyo.com can it authoritatively confirm if Octopizzo bought his YouTube views or not but a throng of Kenyans believe so.

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