• Nyota Ndogo disclosed that she has always dreamt of building her own house

• The musician thanked God for finally making her dream come true as she showed her fans the interior of her house

• Many Kenyans were inspired and impressed in equal measure

• Her fans camped in the comments section of her post to congratulate her on the achievement

Celebrated musician Nyota Ndogo has over the years moved many with her music.

The star has not only been giving her fans top notch entertainment but also inspired them with her humility.

It is because of her drama-free lifestyle that most Kenyans loved her even more.

The mother of two was recently showered with praises after giving her online fans a tour of her house located in Voi.

Nyota Ndogo posted a video showing the interior of her simple yet smart house, followed by a short caption to inspire her followers.

The artiste thanked God for making her dream come true by granting her the ability to own her own home.

Nyota Ndogo reminisced on her past when she prayed to God to make her life better.

Then, Nyota Ndogo was a mere house help in Nyali, Mombasa.

“My simple home. Nilikotoka ni mbali sana. Kale ka house girl kalikuwa na ndoto one day katakua na nyumba yake. Yote kumueka Mungu mbele,” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

Many netizens, specifically her fans were really touched by her inspiration and duly hit the comments section of her post to shower her with accolades.

It should be noted Nyota Ndogo relocated to Voi from Mombasa where she built her own house, Air BnBs and runs her own hotel.

Nyota Ndogo attributes all her success to God, hard work and music.

If importance to note is the fact that Nyota Ndogo is among the few local celebrities who live in their own houses and do not rent.

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