• Kelechi Africana apologised to Makku, Ken 1GB and Pwani FM for missing their scheduled interview

• According to Kelechi, he did not miss the interview intentionally as he was a bit far from Mombasa CBD where Pwani FM is located

Controversial Kenyan musician Kelechi Africana has for the first time decided to hurt his brand just but to make peace with the people who matter the most in the music industry.

The Nimechoka hitmaker recently chose to be the adult and apologise to Pwani FM radio presenter Makku and her co-host lover Ken 1GB for snubbing a scheduled interview on their show at Pwani FM.

Kelechi Africana apologised to Makku, Ken 1GB and Pwani FM for missing their interview. Photo: Kelechi Africana/YouTube.

Kelechi Africana not only apologised to the two popular Coast radio presenters but also their employer, Pwani FM for missing out on a live interview without prior apology.

Taking to his official Social Media pages, Kelechi Africana humbly asked for forgiveness for not showing up for an interview with Makku and Ken 1GB at Pwani FM.

According to the musician, he could not make it to the live interview because was quite far from Mombasa and could not do anything to make it right then.

The star made it clear that he did not miss the interview intentionally.

“Leo nimeamka na vibe tofauti kabisa
Kwanza na apologies kwa kukosa interview ya PWANI FM na pia Makku na Ken1GB im so sorry
Nilikuwa mbali sana na nisingeweza kufika kulingamana na ule mda —sio jeuri wa sio kiburi
Im so sorry guys,”
wrote Kelechi Africana.

Kelechi Africana’s public apology caught many by surprise since he is know for his “don’t care” attitude.

Well, the artistes’ apology impressed countless music lovers and his fans who lauded him for being the bigger person and duly apologising for missing a very important radio interview which he had initially chased for some time.

Kelechi Africana’s apology came barely two days after Pwani FM presenter Makku took to social media to blast him for doing that without even an official apology.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Makku through a long Facebook post expressed her disappointment at Kelechi for standing them up without communicating.

Makku sensationally claimed Kelechi Africana’s move risked her job and those of others who had booked him for the same.

The radio host noted that Kelechi Africana’s actions is the reason why most media entities give artistes like him a total blackout.

Well, the two may have frictioned on social media but they finally ironed out their issues on social media.

YEIYO.com can authoritatively report that Makku, Ken 1GB, Pwani FM and Kelechi Africana are now at peace and ready to push the Coast music industry to greater heights.

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