• Paula shared material with Rayvanny’s image and voice which angered the musician

• Rayvanny called out Paula and accused her of using his name to gain fame

• The two served fans a heated online brawl that saw them air each other’s secrets publicly

Next Level Music(NLM) CEO Rayvanny and his ex-lover Paula Kajala have shocked many after shamelessly airing their dirty linen in public.

Rayvanny and Paula on Monday, May 22, served netizens to a rare treat as they took to social media to throw subliminals to each other about a year after their controversial split.

The melee was started by Paula Kajala who shared her song containing Rayvanny’s voice.Clearly, the project was done when the two were still madly in love with each other.

Rayvanny disclosed he dumped Paula after learning she had slept with Harmonize. Photo: Kamanda Mzee Mkavu/Instagram.

Paula’s decision to share the material did not settle down well with Rayvanny who called her out for trying to gain fame using his name despite having broken up many months ago.

Well, Paula Kajala seems to have been ready for the musician as she flew off the handle with all manner of insults and shades directed to the latter.

Many people expected the Kwetu hitmaker to ignore Paula Kajala but he stooped low by hitting back at her with an equally mean rant.

Using their Insta-stories segment as their battlefield, the one time lovers exposed each other’s dirty secrets.

Rayvanny left Kajala ans went back to his wife Fahyvanny. Photo: Fahy Fahyvanny/Instagram.

Through his response, Rayvanny finally disclosed that she dumped Paula after learning she had slept with his music brother Harmonize.

Paula on her side could not take the loss and decided to hit the musician under the belt.

The lass, in a series of Insta-stories updates not only went for Rayvanny but also his wife Fahyvanny, calling her all sorts of names including ‘a lady of the night’.

The back and forth went on until Rayvanny decided to be the adult and left the battlefield soiling his brand even further.

Yeiyo.com had earlier reported that Rayvanny dumped Paula Kajala and ran back to his wife in a move that seemingly irked the hot mamacita.

Their breakup was triggered by claims that Paula had slept with Harmonize, who was at the time Rayvanny’s nemesis.

Then, it was reported that Harmonize who was dating Paula’s mum Kajala Masanja was also having his way with the daughter, allegations Paula vehemently denied.

Following their breakup, Paula Kajala moved on to the next one with Tanzania’s current music hot cake Marioo.

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