• Vaga Genius denied claims he squandered Stivo Simple Boy’s holding that the artiste did not make a lot of money as many people think

• The former manager disclosed his lover left him because he was sacrificing a lot for Stivo

Embattled Stivo Simple Boy’s manager Vaga Genius has let out shocking details about his depressing stint managing the Freshi Barida hitmaker.

Vaga Genius who has so far cancelled his contract with the artiste has revealed that he went through hell while trying to help Stivo Simple Boy become an international act.

Speaking during an interview with Comedian Obinna, Vaga Genius disclosed he sacrificed a lot just to see Stivo Simple Boy succeeds in his music career.

Stivo Simple Boy had earlier accused his former manager of mistreatment. Photo: Radio Jambo.

According to Vaga Genius, he did everything a manager should do for an artiste including taking care of his bills such as house rent, food and clothing.

The Men In Business (MIB) CEO noted that he lost his lover at some point because of Stivo Simple Boy.

Vaga stated that his then lover got fed up with him when he focused more on propelling Stivo Simple Boy’s brand and ditched him.

“You know I even parted with my girlfriend because of Stivo Simple Boy. She could not understand why I was sacrificing a lot for Stivo and not her or our relationship. All I was trying to do was to help a brother achieve his goals.” Vaga Genius told Obinna.

The manager was forced to make the revelations after Stivo and his current lover can out to accuse him of squandering this star’s money.

Stivo said his former manager Vaga Genius squandered his money. Photo: Trudy Kituyi/YouTube.

Stivo and his wife had earlier claimed through a series of interviews that Vaga Genius had ruined their lives by failing to provide for them like he used to do in the initial stages of their working relationship.

Vaga Genius defended himself by disclosing that Stivo never made a lot of money as alleged by many people.

According to Vaga, in the year he worked with Stivo Simple Boy, the artiste only did five shows which made them less than KSh 500k.

Vaga added that in most cases he had to dig deeper into his pockets to fund some of Stivo’s projects and bills.

In fact, Vaga spent more than what his artiste was racking in for both of them.

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