• Eric Omondi has been in Mombasa to convince residents to vote for reduction of UNGA instead of paying the housing tax

• The youths wanted Eric Omondi to take his campaigns to areas with Azimio supporters

• Erico was rescued by Michael Baya of Machampali Media who whisked him away to safety

President of Africa’s comedy Eric Omondi is happy to be alive after escaping death by a whisker during his recent trip in Mombasa.

The comedian nearly tasted blows and kicks from Mombasa youth after taking his “Unga Campaign” to the Coastal city of Mombasa.

YEIYO.com understands Eric Omondi, on Thursday, June 15, hit Mombasa, ready to spread his message against the high cost of living in Kenya.

Eric Omondi was in Mombasa to promote his Unga Revolution. Photo: Eric Omondi/Facebook.

Well, while in Mombasa, Eric Omondi visited a number of media houses for interviews and clubs even as he tried to garner more supporters and people to help him in championing for his course; lowering the skyrocketing cost of life in Kenya.

Eric Omondi’s media tour and clubs appearances went well without any mishaps.

However, the comedian came face to face with a not so friendly audience during his visit to the Kongowea Market on Friday, June 16.

In his usual demeanor, the comedian had armed himself with a megaphone and a battery of online media journalists, ready to spread his ‘gospel’.

Kongowea wanted to beat up Eric Omondi for trying to use their space to progress his agenda. Photo: Eric Omondi/Facebook.

His choice of location proved to be a challenge for him and his security detail as rowdy Kongowea youths turned against them.

In a video posted by Captain Nyota TV on YouTube and sighted by YEIYO.com, the angry youths were seen kicking out Eric Omondi from the spot he had chosen to hold his public address and interviews with Mombasa’s online media.

Quite a number of irate Mombasa youths could be seen harrassing Eric Omondi and journalist as they pushed them away from a spot the aforementioned groups had picked to hold their business.

From the video, you can clearly tell, the youths did not want anything to do with the comedian.

Some even called him a thief and almost rained blows and kicks on him.

It took the intervention of Mombasa content creator Machampali to bring the then erupted scenario to order.

Machampali cleverly asked and adamant Eric Omondi to move from the spot to a safer one just metres away where they could do the interviews peacefully.

The video of Mombasa youths going ham on Eric Omondi sparked debates online with many netizens daring Erico’s haters to touch him.

Quite a multitude insisted Eric Omondi is the President of Africa’s comedy and should be accorded maximum respect befitting his social status.

Others, however, felt the Mombasa youths did the right thing, with many, especially people from Mombasa insisting the comedian should take his shenanigans back to Nairobi and not in their town.

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