• Mwenda Thuranira was the keynote speaker at the official luncheon for Kenya Airlift Program, a project by Bob Mwiti and Kiogora DMK

• Guests at the event were impressed by Mwenda Thuranira’s wisdom nuggets as he tried to impart knowledge in Kenyan youths

Popular Kenyan real estate Guru Mwenda Thuranira has yet again confirmed to the world that he is a big supporter of anything and everything development, be it real estate, education or just charity.

This is after the Myspace CEO spared his time to share wisdom nuggets with Kenyans invited to the official luncheon of The Kenya Airlift Program held at the Safari Park Hotel and Casino on Saturday, July 8.

YEIYO.com understands Mwenda Thuranira was among the day’s keynote speakers who did not disappoint their hosts Bob Mwiti, his partner Kiogora DMK and other guests present.

Mwenda Thuranira was a keynote speaker at The Kenya Airlift Program luncheon. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Facebook.

In his usual demeanor, the Myspace Properties CEO delivered a well-packaged keynote speech aimed at educating and inspiring young Kenyans looking to fly abroad for studies, greener pastures and even real estate investment.

YEIYO.com has learnt Mwenda Thuranira’s speech based on encouraging young people not to abandon their parents whenever they fly abroad and land success.

Mwenda Thuranira also divulged more on foreign and local investments and how to navigate the same.

He also advised young Kenyans looking to fly abroad through The Kenya Airlift Program to always think of coming back home to invest and empower fellow countrymen.

Myspace Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira delivering his speech. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Facebook.

The real estate expert pledged his full support to The Kenya Airlift Program through his company, Myspace Properties.

” ‘Do not abandon your old parents either father or the mother to loneliness in Kenya when you go in the state and make it , especially the fathers are the victim at retire age’. This was my message earlier today at the The KENYA Airlift Program luncheon, whereby i was invited by the founders Bob Mwiti and Kiogora DMK as the key speaker on matters foreign investment and local investment experience and more so advised the students leaving for masters studies in North America to make sure they come back and empower fellow kenyans and invest at home. Myspace Properties is in full support of the program,” Mwenda Thuranira wrote on social media.

Mwenda Thuranira’s wisdom nuggets not only impressed guests at the event but also other Kenyans on social media who came out to laud him for always being open to help young Kenyans achieve their greatness in different fields.

Mwenda Thuranira’s keynote speech at the Kenya Airlift Program luncheon comes barely a week after he bagged a high-coveted real estate award at the just concluded Pacesetters Awards East African Chapter.

On Friday, June 30, his company Myspace Properties scooped the Pacesetter Property Developer of the Year at the Industry Leadership Award.

Following the win, his supporters and other Kenyans thronged different social media platform for congratulate him on end.

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