• Myspace Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira came out to console Akothee after her breakup with Omosh

• During the friendly lunch and business meeting, Akothee presented Mwenda Thuranira with the opportunity to manage all her real estate businesses in Kenya through Myspace Properties

True and real friends are those people who will always stand with you through thick and thin.

This was recently brought to life by Myspace Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira after taking his time to check up on one of his long time friends and clients Akothee.

The revered real estate guru on Saturday, October 7, treated Akothee to a friendly lunch date through which he consoled the songstress following her recent breakup with her husband Omosh.

Akothee and Mwenda Thuranira have been close friends for over a decade now. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Instagram.

YEIYO.com has learnt Mwenda Thuranira and his buddy Akothee not only talked about the latter’s relationship situation but also some business deals.

The lunch date was nothing short of successful, this writer understands.

During the meeting, Akothee who is one of the richest musicians in Africa presented Mwenda Thuranira with the opportunity to manage all her real estate business in the country, through his real estate company Myspace Properties.

News about the “Celebrity Hangout” was first made public by Mwenda Thuranira through his official social media pages.

The former MP aspirant posted several photos of himself with Akothee during their lunch meeting, followed by the caption;

“‘Mwenda, you’re the most brilliant real estate mind I know around. That is why I will always come back when it comes to matters properties…’ Always great catching up and engaging with my great friend and one of my long-time clients, Madam Boss herself Akothee. Strategic partnership is key to ensure continuous growth. Mambo moto loading…💯Nani anataka kutuma salamu…?”

On her side, Akothee posted a video of herself with Thuranira on her Insta-stories updates and dropped hints that the real estate expert had hissed to her that he will be Kenya’s 8th President, God willing.

Both Mwenda Thuranira and Akothee’s posts attracted the attention of their respective fans and followers who did not hesitate to shower them with love and appreciation on their comments sections.

Quite a number of Kenyans on social media lauded Mwenda Thuranira for proving that he is not only a go-to real estate expert but also a true friend that most people need in their lives.

Akothee dropped hints Mwenda Thuranira hissed to her that he will be Kenya’s 8th President. Photo: Akothee Kenya/Instagram.

It should be noted Mwenda Thuranira and Akothee’s friendly lunch and business meeting came barely a week after the songstress announced her breakup with her recent husband Omosh.

Following news of Akothee and Omosh’s breakup, countless Kenyans took to social media to air their different opinions over the same.

Some netizens mocked Akothee but many, including her fellow celebrities rallied behind her as they offered her comfort and consolation.

A multitude sent their touching messages dedicated to Akothee through social media but Mwenda Thuranira became her first friend to actually have a sit down with her to talk about the same and real estate business.

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