• The love struck Kenyan lady asked Mwenda’s friend to pass her greetings to him

• She confidently confessed that Mwenda Thuranira is such a snack

• The lady’s shot startled Mwenda Thuranira who expressed his shyness through a tweet seen by YEIYO.com

Philanthropic real estate expert Mwenda Thuranira has been taken aback after learning Kenyan ladies have been drooling over him on end.

Mwenda Thuranira, the Myspace Properties CEO seems to have stolen the heart of a yet to be identified Kenyan lady who could not help but shoot her shot through one of the leader’s closes friends known as Nelson.

The lady fan held that Mwenda Thuranira is such a snack. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Twitter.

The real estate guru, through his official Twitter account posted a screenshot of a conversation between his friend and the lady.

Through the chat, the lady pleaded with Mwenda’s friend to pass her greetings to him, holding that she was just appreciating the Myspace Properties CEO’s handsomeness.

“Hey Nelson, Usalimie Mwenda Thuranira. He is such a snack,” the lady wrote.

The lady gushing on Mwenda Thuranira on end. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Twitter.

Pressed to share why Nelson should pass her greetings to Mwenda Thuranira, the lady insisted that she was only giving credit where it is due.

“It is called, giving credit where it is due,” she noted.

Startled by her bravery, Mwenda Thuranira shared the screengrab, followed by the caption;

“Yaani Kwa izi street zenu mumeanza kuita mubaba ako na ndevu za white snack kweli hamna huruma ??? … Good afternoon wakubwa ?”

It should be noted that Mwenda Thuranira is happily married to Vanessa and the two are blessed with two all grown sons.

With that said, it is clear Mwenda’s secret admirer will remain just that; an admirer. Lool!Enjoy your weekend.

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