Mungai Eve Shows Off Swanky House She’s Building Her Parents


• Mungai Eve posted photos and a video showing the progress of the house she is building her parents in Murang’a

• She did not disclose the amount of money the project will cost but a rough estimate landed our sum to upwards of KSh 5 million

YouTuber Mungai Eve is without a doubt one of the highest earning content creators in Kenya.

The YouTuber has been an inspiration to many young girls who have always been dreaming of becoming successful in life.

Her life journey is perfect proof that God, hard work and consistency always yield good fruits.

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor have been raking in million from YouTube. Photo: Director Trevor/Instagram.

Mungai Eve recently inspired even more young Kenyans after disclosing an expensive project she has been dealing with back in her village, Murang’a.

The lass on Monday, October 16, posted house plan photos and a video showing the progress of her multi-million bungalow back at home on her Instagram page.

The content creator thanked God for enabling her to put up the bungalow for her parents as she expressed how excited she is.

Mungai Eve noted that she can not wait for the completion of the project so that her parents can occupy it as soon as possible.

Mungai Eve is building a house for her parents in the village. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

“Pinch me, because I can’t believe this is actually happening! What once started as a distant dream is not becoming a tangible reality. We are pouring our hearts and souls into building something truly special for our amazing parents. Huge shout out to our contractor for holding our hands every step of the way. With uncontainable excitement and unwavering trust in God’s plan, we know the ending will be nothing short of breathtaking,” Captioned the Mamacita.

Mungai Eve did not disclose the amount of money the project will cost but a rough estimate landed our sum to upwards of KSh 5 million.

News of Mungai Eve’s gift for her parents impressed countless of her social media followers and fans who congratulated her on end.

Many prayed that God keeps blessing her so she can do even more for her folks and other people.

How the bungalow will look like upon completion. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

This comes barely two months after Mungai Eve’s earning from YouTube became a matter of public interest.

Mungai Eve’s man Director Trevor disclosed through social media that his babe made a whopping KSh 13 million in 2022, all from YouTube.

While many Kenyans believed the figure and even congratulated the YouTube couple, some felt it was exaggerated.

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