• Comedian Mulamwah noted that these conmen are targeting celebrities by promising them gigs

• The Conmen pretend as if they want to book the celebrities and even send downpayment to totally confuse the celebrities

• According to Mulamwah, many Kenyan celebrities have fallen victims to the new scam in town

• Mulamwah said he thought it wise to expose the vice since most of his celebrity friends have been conned using the same trick

Comedian and radio host Mulamwah has unearthed the evils that some people have been perpetrating against unsuspecting Kenyan celebrities.

Mulamwah has disclosed that there is a group of people which is targeting celebrities with the aim of conning, rather fleecing them.

According to Mulamwah, these scammers always pose as clients who need entertainment services from local celebrities and go ahead to scam some who are yet to know about their dirty dealings.

In a long TikTok video seen by Yeiyo.com, Mulamwah revealed that the scammers usually contact celebrities, pretending that they want to engage them in their projects.

The projects could range from emceeing services, performances and influencing just but to mention a few.

These thieves will then ask the celebrities to share their bank details so they can wire their deposits for services to be rendered.

Well, after sharing banking details, the scammers will then send some amount of money, in fact, in excess to the celebrities, albeit in cheque form.

Assume they had agreed with the celebrities on a KSh 100k fee; they will then send about KSh 150k and pretend that it was an error and will ask the celebrities to refund the extra KSh 50k.

Now this is where most fall victims as many usually send back the extra money sent to them without confirming with their banks if indeed the monies earlier sent to them fell in the Available balance or actual balance.

If a celebrity is not careful, he or she will send back the extra money, forgetting the monies earlier sent to them are yet to actually hit their bank accounts(Available balance).

This, according to Mulamwah has happened to countless Kenyan celebrities who have been scammed unknowingly.

Through his TikTok video, Mulamwah urged fellow celebrities to watch out for such characters as it is the new scam in town, aimed at stealing from public figures.

The comedian disclosed that the same had happened to him before.

Watch Mulamwah’s EXPOSÉ HERE

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