• Mulamwah said he denied himself the good things that come with life so that he could save up enough money for his mansion

• The Milele FM presenter disclosed that he has spent over Kash 4.9 million on his mansion so far

• Mulamwah’s one-storey mansion in the village is nearing completion

Comedian Mulamwah has for the umpteenth time confirmed to the world that he is one of the few richest Kenyan celebrities.

Mulamwah recently disclosed the millions he has spent on his rural home mansion so far.

Speaking during an interview with TV47, the comedian who doubles up as a radio host at Milele FM revealed that he sinked almost his entire life savings on his construction project.

According to Mulamwah, he has been denying himself the good things that come with life so as to raise enough funds for his mansion.

“I have been saving up. Have not been partying or spending my money lavishly because I intend to finish my mansion soon. So far, I have spent over KSh 4.9 million and I am yet to complete the construction. But I am hopeful I will wrap up soon,” Mulamwah said.

The comedian has been showing his online fans the progress of his mansion through social media posts, impressing quite a multitude while at it.

The comedian surprised everyone when he started posting photos and videos showing how his mansion his being built back in Kitale, Western Kenya.

The latest development impressed many of his fans who lauded him for being visionary.

A host of them urged other young people to emulate Mulamwah by ditching the party life and save towards building their retirement homes.

Earlier, a section of netizens had trolled him after he shared photos of his Bedsitter in Nairobi.

Most wondered why a whole celebrities with all his money could live in a cheap house.

In a quick rejoinder, Mulamwah disclosed that he cannot live in an expensive rental house.

It was then when he also revealed all his money has been channeled towards the construction of his village mansion.


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