• Jo Kimoney disclosed that any man willing to marry her should be ready to pay KSh 70 million for her dowry

• Her declaration caused a commotion online as men differed with her

For some time now there have been debates on whether Kenyan men should pay dowry for their women or not.

On the opposing side, men have been very loud in shunning the old age tradition which is among the many processeses of acquiring wives.

Women on the other hand have been proposing the dowry tradition with quite a number even suggesting the rates should be doubled.

Jo Kimoney said her dowry is KSh 70 million. Photo: Jo Kimoney/Instagram.

In the same spirit, Mo Radio presenter Jo Kimoney alias Madam Mapesa recently came out to state the amount of dowry she expects any interested man to pay to have her hand in marriage.

Jo Kimoney has disclosed that her dowry rate stands at KSh 70 million and will expect nothing less.

Speaking during her show, The Rush Hour with Yuge and DJ Ramoz on Mo Radio, Jo Kimoney noted that she knows her value and feels she deserves millions of shillings in bride price.

“Don’t even think of asking me to marry you if you cannot afford KSh 70 million. And you must add some cattle too,” Jo Kimoney said.

While she may be right, her revelation did not settle down with a cross section of her followers who called in to differ with her.

Quite a number of men who called in to air their sentiments insisted that KSh 70 million is a lot of money that no sane man can pay as dowry for a woman.

Jo Kimoney’s revelation startled men on social media. Photo: Jo Kimoney/Instagram.

Social media users were not left behind either as they too jumped in to voice their opinions with a multitude insisting she had gone way overboard with the figure.

Jo Kimoney is one of the hottest media personalities in Mombasa who has been giving countless men sleepless nights with her stunning beauty and melodious voice.

Apart from being a radio presenter, Jo Kimoney is also a voiceover artist, events host/emcee and brand influencer.


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