Mixed Reactions As Justina Syokau Celebrates Success Of New Song With Sensual Twerk Video


• In the spirit of celebrating the success of her recently released song, Justina Syokau posted a video of herself shaking her tempting behind like a real twerk pro

• The video impressed some of her fans, especially her male fans but irked a section who dragged her online on end

Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau has caused a melee online after sharing a video of herself celebrating the success of her latest release, Wako Wapi.

Justina Syokau recently dropped a masterpiece in form of a music video dubbed Wako Wapi which has been doing exemplary well on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

Barely two weeks after the official release, Justina Syokau’s song Wako Wapi managed to get to the top trending list on YouTube.

Justina Syokau recently released a new song dubbed Wako Wapi which has gone viral locally and globally. Photo: Justina Syokau/Facebook.

Wako Wapi started ‘the race’ at number 17 and in a matter of days, it had already trounced other popular songs to take position number six on the YouTube Music Trending list.

Not only did the impressive supersonic climb impress countless Kenyans but also the songstress herself who thought it wise to celebrate the feat in the best way she knows how.

Taking to her official social media pages on Wednesday, November 22, Justina Syokau posted a sensual video of herself shaking what her mama gave her like a real pro in a move that somewhat caused a rift between her fans online.

In the social media video, which has fast gone viral, Justina Syokau was spotted shaking her larger than life behind while hanging out with a friend at a salon.

The video most definitely impressed countless Kenyan men who could not help but gush over her on end in the comments section of her post.

The lust-inducing video may have mesmerised a throng of men on social media, but it also rubbed a cross section of her fans the wrong way with quite a number dragging her in the interwebs over the same.

Video of Justina Syokau unleashing a sensual dance while celebrating her success caused ripples online. Photo: Justina Syokau/Facebook.

Some of Justina Syokau’s critics questioned the legitimacy of her recent alleged wedding with her billionaire hubby, holding that no newly-wedded woman can pull such ”sinful” moves publicly.

Others even went as far as calling her out over the video as they reiterated that she has nothing else to offer apart from her big bum.

The trolls, however, did not dampen Justina Syokau’s spirits as she kept on posting even more similar videos from her female fans vibing to her latest jam Wako Wapi.

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