• CAS Millicent Omanga posted a photo of herself rocking a beautiful beach wear while enjoying her weekend at the Coast

• Most of her male and even female followers could not help but notice her thick thighs which they took a minute to analyse “passionately”

Voluptous Ministry of Interior CAS Millicent Omanga is undoubtedly one of the beautiful politicians Kenya has ever produced.

The curvaceous CAS has over the years been giving Kenyan men sleepless nights with her curves an edges.

Not once or twice have countless Kenyan men come out to profess love for her as they tried to woo her.

With all the attention directed to her, Millicent Omanga has been returning the favour to her “crushes” by serving them with her curves and beauty on social media.

Millicent Omanga is the Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and National Coordination. Photo: Courtesy.

To keep the fire burning, Millicent Omanga on Saturday, August 19, broke the internet with a photo of herself while on holiday in Coast.

Omanga, through her official Instagram page posted a photo of herself exposing acres of her succulent thighs in a torques Green beach wear, followed by a short but revealing caption to represent her current state of mind.

“Raha jipe mwenyewe,” Millicent Omanga captioned her lovely photo.

Well, no sooner had her photo lasted 30 minutes on her page than a throng of thirsty Kenyan men camped on the comments section of her post to gush over her on end.

Hundreds of men publicly professed their undying love as they pampered her well-endowed being, well packaged in a revealing beach wear.

Many could not help but disclose how curvy she is and how her massive thighs leave them high and not so dry.

Millicent Omanga taking a break from her government duties at Coast. Photo: Millicent Omanga/Instagram.

While Omanga may have stupefied a section of her male followers with her “Thailand Visa”, another battalion of non-lambistic men could not look at her photo twice with quite a number faulting her sagging “meat”.

Some of the men and even women who commented on the specific photo reminded her that she is not curvy but just fat.

Others even went as far as noting how shocked they were by her confidence to parade her sagging “meat” which she was trying to sell to the public as sexy thick thighs.

Honorable Millicent Omanga chilling out. Photo: Courtersy.

A special group of Kenyans stayed clear of violence and remained objective by reminding her that she is a public figure, a CAS for that matter, therefore she was out of order showing off acres of her skin on social media.

Omanga may have been beaten by many netizens over her dress code and post in general but her diehard fans covered her back diligently by telling off her critics.

The politician’s supporters defended her by asking her attackers to suggest any other decent outfit a lady could wear at the beach apart from a beach wear just like the one she dorned.

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