• Mike Sonko posted a video of himself taking out his new 2018 Mercedes – Maybach S650

• Kenyans could not help but envy the politician with many praying to God so He can bless them with “Mike Sonko Money”

• Sonko splashed about Kash 25 million to get his hands on the rich men’s toy

Clearly, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko will never cease from dropping people’s jaws on the floor with his enviable opulence.

Mike Sonko, known for his flashy lifestyle on Sunday, June 4, left many Kenyans Green with envy after unveiling one of his latest toys.

The politician, through his official social media accounts, shared a video of himself getting inside his brand new Black 2018 Mercedes Benz-Maybach S650 and driving off.

Mike Sonko has a new 2018 Mercedes Benz-Maybach S650. Photo: Auto Bazaar.

Countless social media users were amazed by Sonko’s new car, with quite a number congratulating him for his expensive taste.

Others, however, pitied themselves and wondered how Mike Sonko can be that rich yet they are languishing in poverty in different parts of the country, lol.

A quick internet search by YEIYO.com uncovered the exact price of a brand new 2018 Mercedes Benz -Maybach S650.

According to estimations, Mike Sonko may have parted with a whopping $ 198,800 which is equivalent to about KSh 25 million to get his hands on the rich men’s toy.

This did not take many Kenyans by surprise since Mike Sonko is known for his unlimited money and willingness to splurge.

Just recently, the politician was forced to take his jewelry to a jeweler to test and measure them to confirm if they are original or fakes.

Sonko’s move was inspired by an attack from Robert Alai who called him out on Twitter, claiming he is a big fan of fake clothes and jewelry.

The jibe infuriated Mike Sonko who documented the entire testing process and shared footage of the same on social media to shut down naysayers like Robert Alai.

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