• Mike Sonko asked Andrew Kibe to keep off his business days after mentioning him in his YouTube commentary video

• The politician disclosed that Kibe bought his expensive Mercedes Benz with money from his gay mzungu lover

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come out with guns blazing while responding to content creator Andrew Kibe who somewhat crossed the line with his latest video commentary.

Flamboyant Mike Sonko did not mince his words as he responded to Andrew Kibe who had featured him in his new video published on YouTube.

Mike Sonko bashed Andrew Kibe for always trolling and demeaning Kenyan celebrities. Photo: The Star.

In his usual fearless and don’t care demeanor, Mike Sonko told off Andrew Kibe and requested him to keep off from his business even as he chases clout on social media.

In a video posted on Mike Sonko’s official Twitter page and seen by YEIYO.com, the flashy politician let out demeaning claims against Andrew Kibe who had earlier ruffled his feathers with his new content.

While watering down Andrew Kibe’s mockery, rather attack, Mike Sonko claimed the former is a lazy man who is always keen on degrading Kenyan public figures just for clout and social media likes.

Mike Sonko posted a video of himself at his Mombasa office bashing Andrew Kibe for always attacking celebrities and other notable Kenyan personalities aimlessly.

Through his video response, Sonko went as far as exposing Andrew Kibe as gay, holding that he is enjoying soft life in the US courtesy of his old male mzungu lover.

According to Mike Sonko, Andrew Kibe has been mauling others online yet he has countless skeletons in the wardrobe.

The politician, in his spate of anger claimed Andrew Kibe managed to buy his brand new expensive Mercedes Benz by sleeping with his old mzungu gay lover.

“As Mike Sonko, I am a brand. And whatever I share online is the real situation on ground. Andrew Kibe do not think we are like you. We are loaded. You got a Mercedes Benz just recently but don’t think we don’t know it was bought for you by your old mzungu lover who services your behind,” Mike Sonko said.

Sonko’s unforgiving attack was triggered by Andrew Kibe’s new YouTube video, in which he somehow mocked the former Governor for bragging online.

YEIYO.com understands Andrew Kibe had earlier touched on Sonko’s video that showed him pleading with Kenyana to cease and desist from Maandamano.

In Sonko’s video, the politician begged Kenyans to maintain peace and not bring Kenya down to ashes because they are the ones who will suffer.

The popular politician disclosed that he has homes in London and Dubai where he can easily run to for refuge if things go south in Kenya due to Maandamano.

The former Governor sympathised with Kenyans who are causing mayhem in the name of Maandamano and have nowhere to run to if Kenya goes to the dogs.

Mike Sonko’s sentiments clearly did not settle down well with many Kenyans including Andrew Kibe who decided to do a video to perforate the politician’s bubble.

The online scuffle between Mike Sonko and Andrew Kibe divided many Kenyans but a multitude chose the latter’s side, holding that the former was just being petty and emotional.

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