• Shirko said experts in different fields should always welcome counsel from amateurs and advise them accordingly if need be

• According to the well-known music producer, no one can know everything

• He insisted that by listening to people who seem lower than experts can also help the latter in a big way

Revered Kenyan music producer Shirko has come out to advise the public, specifically creatives on how to deal with other people who seem lower than them in status.

The member of the previously disbanded Talanta Hela Initiative committee through a social media post seen by YEIYO.com reiterated on the importance of handling knowledge well.

Taking to his official Facebook page, the Shirko Media CEO highlighted the importance of remaining grounded and humble despite being gifted in different areas.

Shirko urged experts from different fields not to look down on people who look up to them. Photo: Shirko/Facebook.

Shirko advised that people who are experts in various fields should always be ready to welcome counsel from others who are amateurs in their areas of speciality.

According to Shirko, experts should always listen to and encourage people who look up to them and share their experiences with the latter in a bid to make them aim higher.

He went on to add that experts can also learn from amateurs since no one can be knowledgeable about everything.

Shirko insisted that by helping people who seem to be lower than your standards, one can also grow, learn a lot and even succeed in whatever field they are in.

The multi-talented music genius has been guiding creatives through his positions at PPMC and Talanta Hela Initiative. Photo: Shirko/Facebook.

“One day I sat down and thought about this. No matter how pro you are one day you will learn things from those who look upon you in dependence to the knowledge you hold to excellence your legacy. Don’t ignore those who you surpass them technically. Hold them, make them believe they are too close to being at the level you are because God will give you knowledge from them that you haven’t experienced. It’s actually a gift that God gave you from them that they knew nothing about out of their excitement that built a door to that success you seek everyday,” Shirko wrote on Facebook.

His counsel resonated with countless Kenyans who echoed him on the comments section of his post.

It should be noted Shirko has been on the forefront in imparting knowledge and helping creatives achieve their potentials through his position under Permanent President Music Commision (PPMC) and the recently disbanded Talanta Hela Initiative.

Just recently, Shirko took to social media to air his views following the disbandment.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Shirko disclosed that his world will not stop following the cancelation of the Talanta Hela Initiative Committee.

Shirko was among the appointed members of the previously disbanded Talanta Hela Initiative Technical Creatives Committee.

He is also the owner and CEO of Mombasa-based Shirko Media, a record label which has helped in promoting Kenyan musicians such as Dazlah Kiduche, Ali Mahaba and others who are currently notable personalities in the music industry.

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