• Super talented singer Serah George recently united Kenyans with her latest Zilizopendwa cover Massu by Jolie Detta featuring TPOK Jazz band

• Kenyans and other music lovers from across the world were really impressed by her cover and duly lauded her on end

• Serah George has been enjoying massive numbers on music streaming platforms with her catchy Zilizopendwa renditions

Sensational songstress Serah George of the Serah KE band has proven to the world that Kenya has never had a talents deficiency with the release of her latest Zilizopendwa cover, Massu.

Serah George recently gave music lovers a rare treat after dropping an impressive cover of Massu by Jolie Detta featuring TPOK Jazz band.

The talented vocalist showcased her music prowess by perfectly laying her sweet melodious voice on the Massu cover which was received well by thousands of music lovers across the globe.

Serah George has wowed Kenyans with the release of her own rendition of Massu. Photo: Serah George/Original.

YEIYO.com has learnt the graduate teacher and medical student released Massu cover in mid June and managed to attract the audience of over 25,000 on YouTube alone.

Being a new entrant in the music industry, Serah George proved to be a force to reckon with as her fans and general public took to different social media platform to laud her for her impeccable talent.

The musician clearly found a unique way to blend music from the past, famously known as Zilizopendwa with contemporary production which has resulted to the creation of an impeccable sound.

Serah George proven her vocal prowess through various Zilizopendwa cover songs. Photo: Serah George/Facebook.

Listening to most of Serah George’s recent releases, one cannot help but go back in time and still enjoy a fresh and relevant feel.

YEIYO.com understands the Serah George is specialised in covering timeless songs in the Zilizopendwa and Rhumba genres, which enjoyed massive airplay in the late 1990s, all the way to early 2000s.

So far, Serah George and her band have officially recorded, produced and released four Zilizopendwa covers namely Ndaya by Mpongi Love, Nakei by Mbilia Bel, Charonyi Ni Wasi by Maroon Commandos and her latest tune Massu by Jolie Detta featuring TPOK Jazz band.

Serah George’s songs have been enjoying massive numbers on music streaming platforms. Photo: Serah George/Original.

Going by numbers her songs have managed to accumulate in a short span of time, it is clear Serah George and her band have become the darlings of many music lovers world over, specifically in Kenya.

Serah George may have been in the game for only a few months but they have been serving fans nothing but unique blend of performances and music prowess that will surely attract and engage any crowd, old and young.

The lead singer, Serah George promises her fans nothing but pure greatness in form of well-done songs exhibiting diversity, high-energy and vibe that no competitor can match.

Watch Serah George/Serah KE Band New Cover MASSU Below:

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