• Macarena Moh posted a photo of herself on social media which totally confused men online

• Her admirers could not help but list and gush over her on end for her unrivalled beauty

• The international events promoter proved to the world that she was blessed with both beauty and brains

Celebrated US-based Kenyan promoter Macarena Moh has caused a melee online after sharing a dotting photo of herself serving beauty goals.

Macarena Moh, who has been living in the United States for over a decade now on Tuesday, July 26, broke the internet with her photo of herself looking like a total snack.

Men could not keep calm after seeing Macarena Moh’s new social media photo post. Photo: Macarena Moh/Instagram.

An innocent Macarena Moh just posted a photo of herself followed by a caption that caught the attention of countless men on social media.

Through her caption, the international events promoter dropped hints that she may be single and looking for Mr Right.

“Dang!!! I’ve already met ….Mr Player, Mr Stupid, Mr idiot, Mr Psycho, Mr Cheap, Mr Lazy, Mr Control Freak Mr know it all And Mr Stalker.Where the hell is Mr right😬😬😬🙈🙈🙈🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️” wrote Macarena Moh.

While her caption shook the interwebs, it was the photo attached to it that left countless men very high and not so dry.

The beauty rocked a shouting Red top with a Blue jeans dungaree, which gave her that hippie vibe.

Many netizens who laid their eyes on Macarena Moh’s photo could not help but publicly salivate on her, with quite a number praising her for her outstanding beauty.

Most men who commented on her photo post noted that she is among the few Kenyan ladies blessed with both beauty and brains.

The attention Macarena Moh got following her latest photo post was so immense that it catapulted her social standing online.

Macarena Moh may have made a caption about looking for Mr Right but YEIYO.com cannot independently confirm if she meant it or was just causing ripples on social media.

Macarena Moh, unlike most women does not depend on her beauty to win favours as she has been working hard to build her brand as an international events promoter.

The events promoter has in the past years hosted mega concerts in US, involving East and West African stars.

From Kenya alone, Macarena Moh has flown the likes of Redsan, Nameless and Sauti Sol to US for different shows.

Tanzania’s Harmonize and Uganda’s Jose Chameleone are some of other notable names in the music industry who have hosted events in the US all courtesy of Macarena Moh.

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