• Ezekiel Mutua said he has been trying to revive the music industry but gospel artistes have been frustrating him

• The MCSK boss agreed with Eric Omondi that something needs to be done to reform the gospel music industry

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has come out to share the challenges he has been dealing with while trying to revive the Kenyan music industry.

Ezekiel Mutua has disclosed he has been trying so hard to bring sanity in the industry in vain, thanks to a couple of individuals from the gospel music fraternity who have been frustrating his efforts.

Ezekiel Mutua disclosed gospel artistes are difficult to deal with. Photo: Ezekiel Mutua/Facebook.

In a short but clear Facebook post seen by YEIYO.com, Ezekiel Mutua confirmed that something is terribly wrong in the gospel music industry where the players are a bunch of jokers.

According to Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenyan gospel music industry is filled with many performers (vipindi masters) and less real gospel artistes.

While wrapping up his rant, the MCSK boss finally agreed with comedian Eric Omondi who had earlier called out Kenyan gospel artistes over their mediocrity.

“Since I joined MCSK a year ago, the people who have caused me the most pain and frustrated my efforts to revive the music industry are the so called gospel artists. I think Eric Omondi was right. Something is wrong. We have lots of performers and few real gospel artists. SAD!” Ezekiel Mutua wrote.

His sentiments were echoed by various public figures and other Kenyans in general who insisted something needs to be done in the gospel music industry to bring back it’s long lost glory.

Coming from Ezekiel Mutua’s mouth, the claims were received with some sort of seriousness with quite a number of Kenyans urging gospel musicians to up their socks.

Prior to his appointment to the MCSK, Ezekiel Mutua was the KFCB CEO.

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