• MC Fullstop called on the DCI to help him trace people who have been running Citizen TV’s parody Twitter accounts

• The Citizen TV’s parody Twitter account recently announced MC Fullstop’s “fake death”

• Kenyans on social media rallied behind MC Fullstop as they urged Police to bring culprits to book

Revered Kenyan entertainer MC Fullstop has taken to social media to slam a parody Twitter account that maliciously “killed” him.

MC Fullstop, who has been battling with lung failure, through a tweet seen by Yeiyo.com expressed his disappointment at people who are running the parody account using Citizen TV’s name who wrote about his “death” just to get clicks and views on their platform.

MC Fullstop has been battling with lung failure for over a year now. Photo: MC Fullstop/Twitter.

As the story goes, the parody account reported that MC Fullstop had succumbed to his illness in a move that not only irked the entertainer but also a multitude of Kenyans.

The NRG Radio host, through his tweet disclosed how the news hurt his family especially the elderly members who have been down following the fake news.

According to MC Fullstop, this was not the first time the parody account spread news of his fake demise.

MC Fullstop called on DCI and Kenyans to help him trace the person behind the parody account which has caused more harm to his family than good.

The Emcee noted that his efforts to reach out to the parody account holder to pull down the post proved furtile as the party blocked him on Twitter and all social media platforms.

Citizen TVs parody account announced MC Fullstop’s fake death Photo: MC Fullstop/Twitter.

“He has just blocked me! But we can still get him, sio first time amefanya hivi but saa hii ame affect my whole family, they are in shock, panic the old ones ndio wako affected sana sana @DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE @PoliceKE I NEED HELP!” MC Fullstop wrote.

Following MC Fullstop’s revelation, Kenyans from all walks of life backed him and called for the immediate arrest of the people running the Citizen TV’s parody Twitter account.

The latest development comes barely months after MC Fullstop disclosed he has been battling with lung failure.

He did not ask for assistance but Kenyans of goodwill decided to stand with him and offered to start a fund drive to help with his medical bills.

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