• Mbaruk Mwalimu shared his new rate card showing the services he offers and their charges

• One will have to part with KSh 5 million to have him as his or her brand ambassador

• His fans noted that indeed he deserves to be paid highly but critics insisted he exegeratted the rates

Revered Radio 47 presenter Mbaruk Mwalimu has confirmed to his esteemed fans and clients that his rates have skyrocketed thanks to a sudden rise in his brand popularity in a very short span of time.

The witty radio journalist shared his new rate card with the world via social media on Sunday, June 4.

Taking to his official social media pages, Mbaruk Mwalimu shared a poster with details on how much he charges for different services, followed by the caption;

“Introducing revised rates this fiscal year.We extend our warm welcome to BRAND Mbaruk Mwalimu. Elevate your brand’s visibility. Karibu!”

Mbaruk Mwalimu charges entities KSh 5 million to be their brand ambassador. Photo: Mbarul Mwalimu/Facebook.

According to Mbaruk Mwalimu’s new rate card, anyone will have to part with KSh 5 million to have him as their brand ambassador.

For brand endorsements, the radio host charges KSh 300,000 per month.

Being a good orator, the journalist also offers emceeing services at only KSh 200,000.

His voice is also on the list as it will cost one KSh 40,000 to contract him for voiceover services.

Mbaruk Mwalimu disclosed that he also offers club and other events’ appearances at only KSh 100,000.

The father of one also shared rates for advertising on his social media pages with clients expected to cough out between KSh 15,000 and KSh 70,000 for the same.

Mbaruk Mwalimu’s new rate card impressed and inspired his fans and followers who admitted indeed he deserves to be paid well owing to his larger than life brand.

Mbaruk Mwalimu’s new rate card. Photo: Mbaruk Mwalimu/Facebook.

Others, however, picked issue with him over his rate card, holding that he exaggerated the figures.

Just recently, YEIYO.com reported how Mbaruk Mwalimu could not keep calm after meeting with President William Ruto at State House.

The Journalist was among the few popular creatives who were invited to State House for the 2023 Kenya National Drama Festival.

While at State House, Mbaruk Mwalimu not only got the chance for a photo session with the President but also shaking his hands.

The feat excited his online followers who could not help but laud him on end.

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