• According to a yet to be identified informer, Amerix behaves badly on ground contrary to his teachings on Twitter

• Amerix recently escaped lynching in Bungoma after refusing to pay a bodaboda ride his dues and slapping him

Fearless boychild defender Eric Amunga, known to many as Amerix has waded into the murky waters of controversies after being exposed as a sadistic Kenyan hiding in masculinity.

A random and anonymous tweep on Monday, September 18, decided to air Amerix’s dirty linen online through a big wig identified as Njeri.

Njeri, who received an anonymous DM from the exposer posted a screenshot of a conversation between herself and her source who spilled the beans about Amerix’s real behaviour on ground.

Amerix is said to have slapped a bodaboda rider. Photo: UGC.

According to the informer, Eric Amunga alias Amerix has been preaching water and taking wine since his behaviour on ground is totally different from what he has been teaching Kenyan men on Twitter.

Through the screenshot seen by YEIYO.com, it was gathered that Amerix recently escaped mob justice after refusing to pay a bodaboda rider the agreed amount and even slapping him when he pushed for his full pay.

Amerix allegedly slapped the bodaboda rider when he asked for his money, a move that forced the latter to call for backup(his fellow bodaboda riders) who wanted to lynch the former over his actions.

It is said that Amerix escaped death by a whisker thanks to Sawan Hotel staff in Bungoma who offered him refuge for the better part of the day as he evaded a group of irked bodaboda riders.

The informer disclosed that Amerix was spotted lashing out at waiters in Bungoma. Photo: Njeri/X.

“Hello Njeri. Your sentiments about the masculinity coach are but just the gospel truth. The man has a lot of anger issues. So last week, he rode a bodaboda but refused to pay the agreed amount. He even went ahead and slapped the guy the Boda guy called for backup. He was almost lynched save for Sawan Hotel which provided refuge to him for the better part of the day.” the anonymous informer disclosed.

That is not all, the informer went on to reveal how Amerix was spotted lashing out at waiters and waitresses at the Noor Cafe, Bungoma, who had allegedly taken long to serve him his order (Coffee and eggs).

“He also lashes at waiters at Noor Cafe, Bungoma for taking ‘longer’ to bring him coffee and eggs which he sips for the whole day as he tweets his Masculinity Saturday. And FYI, he is fat too. He walks like a duck.” The informer added.

The yet to be confirmed expose caught many people online by surprise since quite a multitude have been following Amerix’s teachings to the latter.

The informer claimed Amerix has been preaching water and drinking wine. Photo: Courtesy.

It is not yet clear if indeed the accusations are real and indeed Amerix pulled the said puny *ss moves but YEIYO.com is following the story closely and will duly update you as new developments unfold.

Neither Amerix nor his legion of fans had responded, rather addressed the accusations as at the time of filing this report.

Well, if indeed the accusations are true, then Amerix has really disappointed many boychild.

And if they are just that; just some means and ploy to chase clout on his haters side, then Amerix wins.

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