• Nonini took to Twitter to inform his fans about the good news as he celebrated his overdue achievement

• The rapper noted that he does not care about YouTube numbers but could not keep calm since Manzi Wa Nairobi is his first ever song to achieve that milestone

Any artiste will tell you how much of a big deal it is for their songs to clock one million views on different music streaming platforms, especially YouTube.

Being a nearly impossible feat, most artistes usually celebrate in the best ways they know how when they achieve the aforementioned milestone.

It is because of that particular reason that Genge Godfather Nonini could not keep calm after his song Manzi Wa Nairobi hit the one million mark on YouTube.

Nonini took to Twitter to celebrate the major milestone. Photo: UGC.

To make the achievement even sweeter, Manzi Wa Nairobi clocked one million views about 12 years after it was released.

Excited Nonini could not help but take to social media to announce the latest development as he celebrated with his fans.

In a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Nonini confirmed he does not care and does not get moved by YouTube numbers but the milestone was worth celebrating.

The rapper also confirmed to his fans that Manzi Wa Nairobi is his first ever song to attract one million views on YouTube.

“😁😁😁😁 So this is my first song ever to hit 1M views I should be excited huh? Well it’s no big deal to me. Hata song ikiwa na 10k views what matters is ground do people know the song?” Nonini wrote on Twitter.

Nonini’s announcement impressed and excited thousands of Kenyans, including fellow artistes who camped on the comments section of his tweet to congratulate him.

YEIYO.com understands Manzi Wa Nairobi was released in 2001 and has been one of Kenya’s biggest hit songs over the years.

Nonini featured Producer Clemmo’s sister Sylvia on Manzi Wa Nairobi.

The audio for the masterpiece was recorded by Clemmo at Calif Records.

Congratulations Nonini.

Watch Manzi Wa Nairobi BELOW:

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