• Lilian Muli said she is a grown woman who cannot be single at her age

• The TV girl did not disclose the name of his lover but confirmed she has been engaged

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli has disappointed most of not all her male fans after disclosing that she is in a very serious romantic relationship with the love of her life.

Lilian Muli recently confirmed she is taken and even went ahead to drop hints that she is already engaged, only awaiting her White wedding.

Lilian Muli confirmed she is in a serious relationship. Photo: Courtesy.

Speaking during a phone interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, the mother of two confirmed she is happy in her romantic relationship although she did not reveal the name of the lucky man despite Ankali Ray’s tireless prodding.

“Which type of question is that? I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but, of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken,” Lilian Muli revealed.

Ankali Ray wanted to get the name of Lilian Muli’s fiancee and kept throwing guesses on who her man is to which the TV girl shut down and denied all the men who were mentioned, including comedian Dr Ofweneke and DJ Delight, explaining that they are her friend and brother, respectively.

Lillian Muli with one of her baby daddies Jared Nevaton. Photo: UGC.

Lilian Muli remained tight-lipped when she was asked to reveal her wedding date and when she will finally introduce her man to the public.

“I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but, of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken.” She added.

Well, the lass may have refused to share details about her man but quite a number of netizens concluded her soon to be hubby is most likely, Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nevaton.

It should be noted Lilian Muli and Jared Nevaton have been dating for a couple of years now and together have a child.

Prior to her union with the Shabana FC boss, Lilian Muli was in a romantic relationship with the father of her son, Mr Kanene.

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