• Mike Sonko urges Uhuru Kenyatta to remain strong as his quandaries will soon be over

• The former Governor invited the former President for a smoking session to blow off some steam and beat their stresses

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has joined the long list of Kenyans sympathizing with former President Uhuru Kenyatta minutes after police raided his son Jomo’s home in Karen.

Mike Sonko consoled Uhuru and encouraged him to remain strong in a short but hilarious social media post seen by YEIYO.com.

Mike Sonko urged Uhuru Kenyatta to be strong as his problems will soon end. Photo: Courtesy.

Taking to his social media pages, Mike Sonko shared a video of Uhuru Kenyatta addressing journalists outside Jomo’s home and advised the former President to be steadfast as all the quandaries facing him and his family will eventually come to an end.

Sonko even used his own experience when he was once ruffled by police to prove to Uhuru that his troubles too will subside.

The politician wrapped up by asking Uhuru to reach out to him so that they can hang out and share notes.

Mike Sonko disclosed that he will not mind sharing a 4.20 session with the former President , a move aimed at beating their life stresses.

“Usijali my friend. Yatakwisha, yatapita. Hata mimi niliyapitia hayo. Sasa tutafutane tupige ile sigara yetu kubwa stress itaisha. Dunia duara.” Wrote Mike Sonko.

The politician’s support impressed a multitude of Kenyans who lauded him for showing unity and expressing humanity to Uhuru despite their alleged past differences.

Others, however, called out Mike Sonko holding he was indirectly mocking the former President.

Uhuru Kenyatta had come out to defend his son Jomo whose home had been raided by police. Photo: UGC.

It should be noted Mike Sonko, in his caption also pointed out what goes around comes around, insinuating Uhuru was just dealing with karma.

Mike Sonko’s encouraging words came barely hours after Uhuru Kenyatta arrived at his son Jomo’s residence in Keran to rescue him from police who had raided it.

Reports reaching YEIYO.com indicate that police had raided Jomo’s home in search of alleged illegal weapons.

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