Shirko Media impresses Kenyans after slashing studio fees by half


• Producer Shirko who usually charges KSh 20,000 for a single lowered his rate to KSh 10,000 in an exciting offer that runs all the way to August 31 2023

• The move is aimed at giving many musicians the opportunity to record their music affordably and try their luck at the expensive and much-competitive

Former Talanta Hela Initiative Committee Member Shirko has over the years proven to the world that he is keen on taking the Kenyan and African music in general to greater heights.

Not only has Shirko managed to produce hit songs for countless Kenyan and Tanzanian music stars but also shaped many during his stint at the Talanta Hela Committee and the Presidential Permanent Music Commission (PPMC).

Producer Shirko lowered his production rates so that he can help many musicians achieve their dreams. Photo: Shirko/Instagram.

Well, even despite the disbandment of Talanta Hela, Shirko is out here trying to help as many musicians as he can. has learnt Producer Shirko, through his studio Shirko Media has presented Kenyan musicians with a great music production offer, all in a bid to help them achieve their dreams seamlessly.

Shirko Media, which has been charging artistes KSh 20,000 for a complete audio production has slashed the figure to KSh 10,000 to give more artistes the chance to work with the greatest music producer in Africa.

As for artistes who are interested in video production at Shirko Media, they will have to part with KSh 15,000 only, instead of the initial KSh 50,000.

The best bit about the production offer at Shirko Media is that interested artistes can pay KSh 20,000 only for both a music audio and video.

According to Shirko Media, the offer will be valid until the end of August.

News about the reduction in production fees at Shirko Media was received well by many musicians who thanked him for considering the not so big or rich acts.

Many insisted that Shirko Media’s move should be emulated by other stakeholders in the music industry so that the many talented artistes can finally produce their music and reach the masses.

Shirko Media is based in Mombasa but works with artistes from across the world remotely.

Interested artistes can DM Shirko via his official social media pages and the Shirko Media pages, both on Instagram and Facebook.

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