• Rojo Mo has featured Escobar and Cannibal on his upcoming album

• Music lovers could not help but express their joy with many holding they can’t wait to hear Rojo Mo, Cannibal and Escobar’s new projects

Fans of legendary Coast artistes Rojo Mo, Cannibal and Escobar have every reason to be jolly after the three stars announced their massive comeback into the music industry.

YEIYO.com has learnt Rojo Mo is currently in studio working on his upcoming album “The Big City” which will feature countless artistes including Cannibal and Escobar.

Escobar is among the many artistes featured on Rojo Mo’s upcoming album The Big City. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Baraka FM, Rojo Mo warmed up his fans for his upcoming album “The Big City” and promised them an experience like no other once it debuts.

News about Cannibal and Escobar into the music industry was first made public by Rojo Mo through a social media video post that showed the three working on a jam at Producer Kailo’s studios.

The video of the three superstars in studio went viral on social media and excited many music lovers who had missed their music.

Cannibal is featured on Rojo Mo’s upcoming album The Big City. Photo: Mdundo.

It should be noted the trio, while working separately caused ripples in the airwaves in early 2000s with their smashing hit songs which put the Mombasa music industry on the global music map.

Rojo Mo’s music dwindled the moment he switched and focused more on film.

For Escobar, his family and personal issues kept him out of the music scene for a while but recently tried a comeback with a number of collabos with his former bandmate Susumila.

On Cannibal’s part, the artistes ditched the secular music industry for gospel but went mum prematurely.

Rojo Mo, Cannibal and Escobar topped music charts in early 2000s. Photo: Baraka FM.

However, with news of their comeback through Rojo Mo’s album, it is clear they are ready to take over the game and command the respect they enjoyed during their prime time.

Social media platforms were filled will reactions from their respective fans as they welcomed them back, with quite a number confessing how much they had missed their music.

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