• Carolyne accused her co-wife of throwing her under the bus during the sharing of their late husband’s wealth

• She advised fellow women especially those in polygamous marriages to look for their own money and not depend on their husbands’ wealth

Late Mugithi Maestro John DeMathew’s second wife Carolyne Waithera has shared with the world about the problems she went through years after her husband’s death.

Carolyne Waithera, while commenting on a recent social media post about co-wives advised fellow ladies to work and and be independent and not to depend on their husband’s wealth.

This, Carolyne said she learnt the hard way after late DeMathew’s first wife Sarafina threw her under the bus during the sharing of that late musician’s multi-million inheritance.

Carolyne accused her co-wife of taking all of late John DeMathew’s inheritance. Photo: UGC.

According to Carolyne, Sarafina and her people sweet-talked her into forfeiting some properties belonging to the late DeMathew.

The mother of two revealed that she thought Sarafina was a honest person but was shocked when she mercilessly disinherited her.

Carolyne noted that she even moved to court to demand her share of late DeMathew’s property a couple of months ago in vain.

“Niliingishwa box and they took everything from me. I even went to court 10 months ago, my friend hapana cheza na hii Kenya. Mimi na hii Ukiambu yangu yote sijawahi amini that I lost.” Wrote Carolyne.

The late DeMathew’s second wife said that she gave up and decided to just look for her own wealth.

She, however, thanked God for blessing her through her hustles.

“But thanks God I am a hustler. My advice to ladies, work hard and be independent. Experience is the best teacher. All the best and congratulations to them.” Carolyne DeMathew added.

The latest development came as a surprise to many considering how the co-wives- Carolynne and the first wife, Sarafina Wairimu, dazzled Kenyans with their show of unity at their late husband John DeMathew’s burial.

Sarafina went to the extent of comforting Carolynne, assuring her that all will be well and no one would come between them.

Late John DeMathew’s wives had earlier stunned Kenyans with their unity following his death. Photo: Courtesy.

“Carolynne has respected me and we do not want anyone to come between us. Our children live together in harmony and nothing will change after our husband’s death. There are people trying to incite us. Let me tell you, there is no space. We are closer than ever and God is in control,” said Sarafina at the burial attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta among other notable personalities.

The two event went as far as releasing a Kikuyu song together, attempting to walk in their late husband’s shoes.

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