KOX Embarrass Themselves as they Mock Former Hot 96 Presenter Annitah Raey Over her Illness


• Annitah Raey took to Twitter (X) to give her fans and followers an update on her health

• A section of bitter netizens took to mocking Annitah Raey as they reminded her of sentiments about broke married men she made in 2021

Kenyans on Twitter, otherwise known as Kenyan on X (KOX) has once again shown their true colours after dragging former Hot 96 radio presenter Annitah Raey online over her illness.

Annitah Raey who has been ailing since July 2023, on Sunday, September 17 2023, took to Twitter (X) to update her fans and followers on her health issue as she thanked God for granting her life.

The journalist posted a photo of herself showing the damage her medical condition had caused her body and shed more light about the condition she has been suffering from; Bell’s Paralysis/ Bell’s Palsy.

Annitah Raey informed her fans that she is ailing from Bell’s Paralysis. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Annitah Raey, narrated how the condition dealt her a number, holding that the past few months have been the most painful in her entire life.

“I got sick beginning of July, had no idea what Bells Paralysis/ Palsy but my mouth went sideways, I wouldn’t drink/eat anything, I lost my voice, couldn’t speak for a month. Lord the pain was something else. Three months down the line am grateful to be alive and getting better.” Annitah Raey tweeted.

Well, her medical update moved countless Kenyans on Twitter who felt sorry for her and duly prayed to God to heal her.

However, a cross section of Kenyans on Twitter shameless decided to mock Annitah Raey and her condition, reminding her of some sentiments about broke married men she made in 2021.

An army of vicious KOX launched a scathing attack against Annitah Raey as they celebrated her suffering.

Annitah Raey has not been having it easy since July 2023. Photo: Annitah Akiru Raey/X.

Quite a number of them even went as far as claiming her illness was as a result of karma, having talked ill of broke married men about two years ago.

A massive troll it was that Annitah Raey trended at top 5 on Twitter trends for the better part of Sunday evening.

Inconsiderate critics claimed the attack against Annitah Raey was “justified” by her biased advice to fellow women.

The media personality had earlier advised women not to date broke men especially the married ones who have nothing to offer other than sex.

A section of netizens chose to attack Annitah Raey over her medical condition. Photo: Annitah Akiru Raey/X.

“Never ever date a broke man. It is a waste of sin. It is wrong, illegal, and any broke man who is married and trying to cheat shindwe, you have to pick a struggle. You cannot be broke, married and trying to cheat,” Annitah said on her YouTube channel.

“Women, if he hits on you and he’s married he better be rich. Don’t be with a broke man. That’s a waste of sin! Even the devil won’t like it if you go to hell. If you gonna date a married man, he better be rich, have money… you’re there for the money. don’t fall in love with a married man. He is never going to leave his wife for you.” She added.

Annitah Raey may have said the words in 2021 but she did not deserve the mocking session, at least according to thousands of Kenyans who came to her defense as KOX ate her alive.

Some sane Kenyans called out netizens who have been mocking Annitah Raey. Photo: Bravin Yuri/Twitter.
Annitah Raey received massive support from many tweeps. Photo: Annitah Akiru Raey/X.

Many sane Kenyans who jumped on the heated battle called out tweeps who have been attacking Annitah Raey, and urged them to refrain from mauling her.

A host of Annitah Raey’s supporters insisted that Kenyans should in fact support her emotionally and financially instead of breaking her completely.

Annitah Raey’s defenders wondered why and how grown men and women found joy in mocking one of their own because of her medical condition.

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