• Mike Sonko reminded Kenyan ladies that being a side chick is not an offense

According to the politician, Charles III and Camilla’s union started when the former’s wife Princess Diana started cheating on him

• Mike Sonko’s sentiments sparked mixed reactions on social media with many netizens differing with him

The long-awaited coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms took place on Saturday, May 6 2023, at Westminster Abbey.

Yeiyo.com understands Charles had acceded to the throne on September 8 2022, upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

Well, Charles and Camilla’s coronation event was such a spectacular feat that the entire world followed it online and live on TV.

Camilla was initially King Charles III clandestine when he was still dating Princess Diana. Photo: UGC.

The same impressed many, including former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who spared some time to talk about it.

Thinking outside the box, unlike most people, Mike Sonko thought it wise to furnish his followers, especially women with a brief history of Charles and Camilla’s romance.

Taking to his official social media pages minutes after Charles III’s coronation, Mike Sonko thought it wise to advise women, specifically those in clandestine affairs with other women’s men.

Mike Sonko advised ladies in such relationship, otherwise known as side chicks to remain loyal to their men and stand with them throughout their journey.

Charles III and Camilla were made King and Queen of UK on Saturday, May 6. Photo: Twitter.

The politician used Charles III and Camilla’s union to drive his point home.

Sonko disclosed that Camilla was at first Charles III side dish and stuck by him all through, to date when he was finally crowned the king of England.

Sonko revealed that Camilla and Charles III’s illicit affair started way back when the latter was still in a romantic relationship with Princess Diana.

According to Sonko, Charles and Camilla’s affair kicked off when Princess Diana started cheating on him with multiple men.

He, therefore urged Kenyan ladies who are side chicks to be patient with their men as they don’t know what the future holds for them.

“TO ALL SIDE CHICS. I just want to encourage you wherever you are, just believe and be loyal to your men. Today your colleague/ former side chic, Camila is the Queen Consort of UK. She was Prince Charles’ side chic who later got officially married to the Prince in 2005 after the late Princess Diana started hanyaring and sleeping around with men in cars.” Sonko posted.

His sentiments sparked mixed reactions on social media with countless Kenyans differing with him.

A multitude held it was quite off for a whole leader to encourage women to try and ruin other people’s unions.

Others, however, backed Mike Sonko and advised women in clandestine affairs to stick to their men no matter the challenges they face while in the relationships.

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