• Sheilah Sheldone informed her fans that she relocated to the US for studies

• Sheilah Sheldone’s relocation came barely months after asking Kenyans to contribute towards her mother’s hospital bills

• Some Kenyans had earlier accused Sheilah and her mum of faking the medical appeal

• A cross section of Kenyans had earlier disclosed Sheilah and her mum were raising funds to relocate to the US

Talented painter Sheilah Sheldone has finally relocated to the United States of America.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Sheilah Sheldone relocated to the US recently for studies.

News about Sheilah’s relocation was first made public by the artist herself through her social media platforms.

Sheila Sheldone hadd asked Kenyans to contribute towards her mother’s medical bill. Photo: Sheilah Sheldone/Twitter.

Taking to her official social media pages on Sunday, May 21, Sheilah informed her fans that she is currently in the US where she went for studies.

Through her posts, she disclosed that her relocation and study in the US was made possible by a well-wisher who was touched by her story which was aired on Lynn Ngugi’s YouTube channel.

Sheilah Sheldone confirmed to her fans that America is now her new home.

“Praise God! So after Lynn Ngugi did our story, God sent a good Samaritan from USA who sponsored me and changed my life forever, I want to give glory and honour back to Jesus Christ, yes America is my new home and my new family is so loving and caring. God granted me all I have wished for in life thank you Lynn, God changed my story through Lynn 🙏🙏,” Sheilah Sheldone wrote.


Sheilah Sheldone’s post impressed and inspired most of her fans who wished her all the best even as she starts her studies in the US.

However, the same did not settle down well with a cross section of netizens who raised some very pertinent issues.

Many insisted that Sheilah Sheldone and her mother must have scammed Kenyans with their previous medical appeal.

Quite a number of people insisted that Sheilah Sheldone and her mum came up with a fake medical appeal just but to raise funds to relocate to the US.

It should be noted that the relocation issue had earlier been raised when Sheilah called on Kenyans to help her raise funds for her mother’s surgery in India.

A couple of netizens had earlier warned Kenyans against contributing towards Sheilah Sheldone’s mother’s medical appeal.

Some, categorically stated that Sheilah and her mum had hatched a plot to raise funds to help in their relocation and disguised it with a medical appeal.

The allegations were vehemently shut down by Sheilah and her mum, who confirmed that they were not scamming Kenyans but were indeed in need of support to enable the latter’s treatment in India.

To really prove their legitimacy, Sheilah shared a number of videos of her mum receiving treatment in India following a successful online fundraiser.

Well, Yeiyo.com cannot authoritatively confirm if indeed Sheilah’s plea was a scamming ploy or was legit but as it is with almost everything under the sun, only time will tell.

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