• Khaligraph Jones advised Kenyan music lovers not to take Octopizzo as a rapper but a fashion model

• The OG urged Octopizzo to ditch rap and focus on modelling as he can make a killing as a model but not a rapper

Africa’s number one rapper Khaligraph Jones aka Bwana Omollo has awakend his longtime “beef” with his colleague Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo.

Khaligraph Jones recently threw cold salvos at Octopizzo while stamping authority as Africa’s most sought after rapper.

Khaligraph Jones said Octopizzo is a model and not a rapper. Photo: Courtesy.

The Mazishi hitmaker, without mincing his words sensationally stated that no other Kenyan rapper can match his skills, including his BFF Octopizzo.

Speaking during a candid interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube show, The OG jokingly said that Octopizzo should not be taken seriously as a rapper but an online fashion model, lol.

According to Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo has very clean photos on his Instagram page which represent him as a model and music lovers should carry him as such.

Khaligraph Jones reiterated that Octopizzo can do very well in the modeling world and should focus on that instead of music.

“Octopizzo has very clean photos on Instagram, he should focus on modeling instead of music. People should see him as such and I think he can do very well in that field.” Khaligraph Jones said.

These, Bwana Omollo said after he was asked to explain why he has been beefing with Octopizzo.

Khali made it clear that he holds no grudge with Octopizzo and can interact with him freely whenever and wherever they bump into each other.

He added that he does not care if Octopizzo is beefing with him as he understands not everyone can love him and the former fits perfectly in that group.

Khaligraph Jones’ latest revelation did not come as a surprise to many music enthusiasts who have been following his “beef” with Octopizzo for a couple of years now.

Octopizzo has in the recent past been throwing jabs at Khaligraph Jones by demeaning him as an individual and his music career.

Khaligraph Jones on the other hand has always been diplomatic with his response to Octopizzo’s incessant subliminals.

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