Khaligraph Jones Angered as Kiss 100 Presenters Lie About His UK Tour


• Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu had jumped on unconfirmed reports that Khaligraph Jones snubbed an interview with BBC Xtra and criticised him heavily on their breakfast show

Khaligraph Jones called out Kiss 100, Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu for spreading lies about him

• The rapper demanded the two radio hosts to apologise for tainting his prosperous brand

Africa’s number one rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, alias Khaligraph Jones has come out with all guns blazing while defending his well-manicured brand against “fake news” about him which had been peddled by Kiss 100 radio hosts Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu.

Khaligraph Jones called out Kiss 100 and the two radio presenter for going live on their morning show with unfounded rumours about his UK tour. understands Khaligraph Jones is currently in the UK where he had gone for a show alongside five of Churchill Show’s comedians such as Y.Y Comedian, Professor Hamo and Jemutai.

Khaligraph Jones denied claims that he snubbed an interview with BBC Xtra’s DJ Edu. Photo: UGC.

The rapper landed in the UK safely and thought it wise to kill time by visiting various fun spots with his manager Shirekuli as they waited for the D-Day.

Well, a false rumour aimed at damaging his brand started going round barely hours after his touchdown in the UK.

Several social media big wigs came out to claim the superstar had snubbed a very important radio interview with DJ Edu on his show which airs on BBC Xtra.

People who initially started the rumours mauled Khaligraph Jones online for feeling larger than life and pulling a celebrity move on BBC Xtra and DJ Edu.

Kiss 100 radio hosts Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu jumped on the issue during their Tuesday, September 5, show and somewhat trolled Khaligraph Jones for being a snob.

Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu believed that indeed Khaligraph Jones had turned down an interview with BBC Xtra while in the UK for a show. Photo: Kiss 100/Instagram.

However, their two cents on the alleged Khaligraph Jones Vs BBC Xtra’s standoff did not settle down well with the rapper who unleashed a merciless attack as he responded to the claim.

Taking to his Instagram page just hours after Kwambox and Ndlovu’s sentiments, Khaligraph Jones blasted the two and their station Kiss 100 for going on air with fake news about him.

In an Instagram post seen by, the father of two urged the two presenters to stop sharing false information for mere clicks and clout.

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Khaligraph Jones called out Chito Ndlovu and Kwambox for spreading lies about him. Photo: Kiss 100/Instagram.

Khaligraph Jones faulted Kiss 100 and the two presenters for failing to publicise news about his UK tour.

According to Khaligraph Jones, the station and the two radio hosts were only interested in riding on his name and fame by commenting, rather claiming he snubbed the BBC Xtra interview even without giving him the right of reply.

The OG demanded that Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu apologise to him for spreading lies about him.

Khali could not wrap up his reprimanding without confirming he will be dealing with the two presenters once he lands in Kenya from UK.

“Chito Ndlovu and Kwambox stay hating. Sharing false information for clicks, you have to apologise for these lies you are sharing on Kiss 100. You never talked about my London show lakini uongo ndio mnajua kuambia watu. Mumeniboo kabisaa. Wacha Nirudi Kenya we deal with this nonsense. You have to respect The OG,” Khaligraph Jones wrote.

To prove that the two presenters spewed lies, the rapper through his Insta-Stories update posted a photo of himself at the BBC Xtra studio doing the same interview he had been alleged to have turned down.

Bwana Omollo demanded a public apology from Chito and Kwambox. Photo: Khaligraph Jones/Instagram.

“Apologise kindly for misleading the fans with false information. You can’t play with my brand like that,” Khaligraph Jones captions the photo.

A throng of Kenyans rallied behind Khaligraph Jones as they all called out Kiss 100, Kwambox and Chito Ndlovu for being unprofessional.

In a bid to firefight, Kiss 100, through Instagram made a post requesting Khaligraph Jones to show up for an interview with Chito and Kwambox once he jets back into the country.

“Khaligraph Jones come through on Friday, September 8, at 9.00AM and let’s settle this” a post on Kiss 100’s official Instagram page read.

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