• Kenyans of goodwill raised over KSh 600k to help Mustafa take care of his mother’s hospital bill

• The legendary artiste disclosed that he had to do construction works to raise money for his mum’s cancer treatment

• The fundraising drive was initiated by a tweet named Fauz Khalid

Kenyans as a people can be vicious and unforgiving but have always come through for one of their own in times need.

This, the loving unit proved recently after coming out in large numbers to support former Deux Vultures star, Colonel Mustafa.

As earlier reported by Yeiyo.com, Colonel Mustafa became the subject of a heated online discussion after a video of himself working at a construction site made its way to social media.

Mustafa was recently spotted working at a construction site. Photo: Tuko Media.

Quite a number of netizens bashed Mustafa for stooping too low and going for Mjengo considering his previous affluent lifestyle.

What most of them did not know is the fact that the musician has been dealing with heavy hospital bills even as he tries to take care of his ailing mother.

Well, the musician, through a number of radio and online interviews came out clean and shared with the world the challenges he has been facing ever since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mustafa disclosed that all his savings were depleted by his mother’s hospital bills and treatment.

Mustafa has been doing construction works to raise money for his mother’s hospital bills. Photo: Colonel Mustafa/Instagram.

The star, for the first time ever revealed that his mother has been in and out of hospital with lymphoma.

It was after his interviews and intervention by a tweet named Fauz Khalid that Kenyans of good will decided to help the one time popular artiste.

Yeiyo.com understands Mustafa’s number was shared online as different Kenyans pleaded with others to support the musician by sending him whatever amount they can afford to help him sort his mother’s hospital bills and survival.

This writer has learnt Kenyans had raised over KSh 700,000 as at the time of filing this report.

Information about the amount of funds received by Mustafa was first shared by Fauz Khalid who has been updating Kenyans about each and every development in Mustafa and his mother’s lives.

“We are at Ksh 600,000. Those trying to send cash and failing should try after midnight as he has surpassed his daily limit. A paybill will be up by Monday. I am speechless!! May Allah bless you all,” Fauz Khalid wrote.

Kenyans were impressed after learning many people had come out to support Mustafa as they urged even more people to contribute towards Mustafa’s issue.

At first, quite a number of people thought Mustafa’s video at the mjengo site was a publicity stunt but all doubts were cleared when he finally came out and made everything clear.

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