• Bahati and wife Diana Marua were doing a TikTok outfit challenge which saw him wear a dress

• The video angered most of hima male fans who asked him to stop embarrasing them

• Bahati had previously rocked Diana’s dress and wig which rubbed Kenyans the wrong way

Singer Bahati has found himself in a myriad of quandaries after rocking his wife Diana Marua’s dress.

The musician was captured on video in Diana’s dress in a move that irked most of his followers, especially men.

The video, posted on Bahati’s Instagram page had the musician seated in his bedroom with Diana Marua who was trying to make a TikTok outfits challenge.

Bahati claimed his wife forced him to wear a dress. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

Diana tries on the dress but it could not fit her.

She then throws the dress at Bahati who stands up and the video automatically switches with him wearing the orange and white tight dress.

The star posted the video on Instagram with the caption;

“But why is Diana Marua making me do this??”

While the video cracked some of his fans and followers, it rubbed many social media users the wrong way.

The video of Bahati in a dress angered his fans. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

His critics wondered why the Mama hitmaker has an obsession with women clothing.

A number bashed him silly, holding that he should just come out of the closet if he is gay, instead of pretending to be straight.

Others even went as far as telling him to become a woman already since he seems to be liking and vibing with the gender on end.

YEIYO.com understands this is not the first time Bahati is rocking a dress.

Bahati has previously been spotted rocking a dress. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

A couple of years ago, Bahati became the subject of a merciless online troll after sharing videos and photos of himself in dresses, complete with wigs.

Then, they were shooting an episode of his reality TV show.

His actions then, just like his recent one angered a multitude of Kenyans who did not hesitate to skin him alive on social media.

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