• Miss Trudy took to YouTube and social media to expose Moi International Airport staff for harrassing her

The YouTuber ranted after she was asked not to film at the airport’s entrance

• Netizens dragged her online for being inconsiderate and entitled

Kenyan on social media have picked a bone to chew with content creator Miss Trudy hours after her airport fiasco.

Twitter was a buzz with activities on Wednesday, April 18, as thousands of netizens dragged Miss Trudy after she exposed Moi International Airport staff for harrassing her.

As the story goes, Miss Trudy was at the airport ready to board a flight back to Nairobi when all hell broke loose.

Since she is a content creator, Miss Trudy thought it wise to record a video of herself and friends as they checked in at the airport.

It was at that juncture when one of the airport staff humbly asked her not to shoot her content at the airport’s entrance.

Trudy could not hear any of that as she flew off the handle, shouting and filming the airport staff while accusing them of harrassing her.

Yeiyo.com understands it was such a dramatic scene that police had to intervene.

And after about three hours, the issue was sorted amicably by DCI officers stationed at the airport and she was asked to delete all the footage she had recorded.

However, Miss Trudy decided to share the same footage with her fans and followers on YouTube and social media, calling out the airport staff for harrassing her.

Miss Trudy then took her rant to Twitter where she expected to get massive support from Kenyans On Twitter.

She was in for a rude as KOT turned against her with quite a multitude pointing out her attitude and behavior during the fiasco.

Many accused her of being entitled.

A number defended the Moi International Airport staff, holding that they were just doing their job.

A mother of all trolls she experienced as netizens schooled her about etiquette and how public figures should behave in public.

As at the time of filing this report, authorities had already threatened her with a jail term and a handsome fine for obstruction and causing havoc at an international airport.

The troll against Miss Trudy was so intense that she trended at number one on Twitter for the better part of Wednesday afternoon.

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