• Through a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Bensoul insinuated Kenyans who cannot pay KSh 20k for Sauti Sol’s show are poor

• Netizens mauled Bensoul online for abusing the same Kenyans who made him successful

Sol Generation’s Bensoul has attracted massive criticism after claiming people who cannot afford to pay KSh 20,000 for VIP tickets at Sauti Sol’s last show together poor.

The whole debacle was triggered by Bensoul through his tweet through which he called out people bashing Sauti Sol for exaggerating the entry fee to their last performance as a group for their VIP fans.

Bensoul claimed people who can’t afford KSh 20k for Sauti Sol’s show have a long way to go in life. Photo: Bensoul/Facebook.

YEIYO.com understands Sauti Sol will be taking a hiatus from music and will not be working together as a group indefinitely.

With that said, Sauti Sol thought it wise to host two shows scheduled for November 2 and November 4 at the Uhuru Park.

According to the events’ posters, the group will be charging KSh 6,500 for their Fan’s show and KSh 2,500 for their Die Hard Fan’s show respectively.

To attend their VIP Show set for November 2, fans will be paying KSh 20,000, an amount that irked many Kenyans who came out in large numbers to blast Sauti Sol over the same.

Sauti Sol will be charging VIPs KSh 20k for their last show together. Photo: Sauti Sol/Instagram.

Jumping to the group’s defence, Bensoul took to Twitter and blasted Kenyans criticising Sauti Sol for the KSh 20,000 VIP entry fee.

“Kama 20k ya kuona Sauti Sol inakushinda by November, you have a long way to go. Wacha wenye pesa waende. One thing I know for sure is we are going to sell out.” Bensoul tweeted.

His sentiments did not settle down well with a throng of netizens who raised hell on him in a merciless online troll.

Quite a number of Kenyans who condemned Bensoul over his remarks noted most Kenyans can afford the KSh 20k only that it is an unwise financial decision.

Kenyans will have to part with KSh 2,500 for the regular tickets. Photo: Sauti Sol/Instagram.

Many insisted that Sauti Sol were taking advantage of their fanbase.

A host of netizens dragged Bensoul online holding that he is looking down on Kenyans and abusing them yet they are the same people who made him the successful star he is today.

Many noted that while he has every right to defend his bosses, he should have filtered his tweet.

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